Adult scooter buying guide

Having trouble deciding on the best adult scooter for you? Whether it's to use on your commute or to join in on family activities, this buying guide will help you pick the perfect scooter. Adult scooters are great for making quick trips around the city or getting the kids to the school before the bell. They'll cut your walking time in half at least, adding more time back in your day. Micro has a great range of scooters with different features to suit different needs. Take a read below and find out what one is right for you.

Fast Micro Black scooter will get you from A-B quick

Speedy Kick Scooters

If you have a need for speed, scooters great for getting you from A-B fast. Most scooters in our adult range have large 200mm wheels. The larger the wheels, the faster you'll travel. These wheels also require less effort as they cover ground more quickly.

The Micro Black and Micro White have large wheels and also a low ergonomic footplates. This lower deck allows you to push off the ground with minimal effort and get up to maximum speed. The aluminium decks making them strong and robust, great for smooth pavements.

Compact Micro adult scooter great for commuting

Compact and Foldable Scooters

All our two wheel scooters are foldable (except for our freestyle range) making it easy to transport and store. This function is great for commuting, taking them onto public transport easily and store at work. The handle bars can be lowered and handle grips popped out and folded down (expect on suspension scooter) to make them more compact.

If being compact is a key concern for you, the Speed+ model and Rocket scooter are our most compact and lightweight adult scooters. With smaller wheels and frame they're easiest to carry and store.

Flex Blue is the ultimate smooth adult scooter

Scooters for a Smooth Ride

Our two wheeled adult scooters have decks made of different materials. The Micro Flex+ and Flex Blue have flexible fibreglass decks which absorb bumps on uneven surfaces, making them a very comfortable ride on urban sidewalks. The Flex air not only has the flexible deck, but air filled tyres with tread creating a seamless ride.

Our Suspension model has a high tech design with built in suspension system at the front and rear end of the scooters deck. It's great for tackling a variety of terrains and has a higher ground clearance.

Emicro one is a one of a kind electric scooter

Stand Out Scooters

Emicro one is the world's first electric scooter with motion control, an exciting innovation in the world of electric motors. It's lightweight with three speed settings which can reach up to 25km/h. If you want something powerful that stands out from the crowd, emicro one is one of a kind.  

The Micro Pedalflow is a unique seat free folding bike, great for getting you from A-B fast and storing easily. This mode of mobility has become an eye catcher and a fitness trainer. Working your thighs, glutes, stability and abdominals giving you a great workout on the go.

Scooters for your office

feel fit & healthy with a scooter

Commute to work on a micro scooter

Guide to Adult Scooter Parts

What difference does wheel size make? Which scooter is best for me if I'm tall? How do the brakes work? The extensive range of Micro adult scooters are made up from different components put together to give each scooter something unique to offer. They make a difference to your ride, and knowing what makes them different will help you choose the best adult scooter for you. Read our buying guide below to find out more.

Wheel Types

micro white scooter wheel

Large wheels

If you’re looking for speed, choose a scooter with 200mm wheels, as the rule of thumb is: the larger the wheel the faster it goes and the smoother the ride. 

Micro Scooter 145mm wheel

Small wheels

145mm wheels on the Speed+ scooters help to make them most compact in the range, they have built in suspension to absorb bumps.

Wide wheels

For something different, 120mm ‘fattie’ wheels give extra stability to the Micro Rocket II and Kickboard Monster.

micro pedal flow wheel

Air filled wheels

Air filled tyres help smooth out the footpath for the Flex Air and Pedalflow.  If you’re a speed demon, these aren’t for you, but if you like the idea of air filled tyres or looking for something a little different, check them out.

Brake Types

Micro scooter fender style brake

Fender brake

The brakes on Micro adult scooters are over the back wheel and very easy to use.

Most come with a fender style brake. Activated by pushing down with your foot anywhere on the brake.

Micro scooter targeted brake

Button brake

The Flex Blue comes with a targeted braking system activated by pushing your foot on the braking button over the back wheel.

Micro scooter pedalflow brake

Pedal brake

The Micro Pedalflow, a folding bike with no seat, has the brakes built into the back wheel - which are activated by pedalling backwards - old skool style.

Micro emicro one brake that recharges

Regenerative brake

The emicro one is the world's first motion controlled scooter, with a brake over the back wheel that actually recharges the battery every time you use it. A phenomenal piece of engineering.

Deck Style

Micro scooter flexible deck

Fibreglass deck

Micro adult scooters come in two deck styles, a strong fixed aluminium deck and a flexible composite deck.

The flexible composite deck on the Flex+, Flex Blue and Flex Air helps absorb deck helps absorb bumps and has a slight bouncy feel to it.

Micro scooter fixed deck

Aluminium deck

The fixed aluminium deck is super strong. This is the type of deck to choose if you’re a big guy, closer to the maximum weight load of 100kgs.

The Micro Black and Micro White have a fixed aluminium deck that is low to the ground. The lower the deck means the less you have to bend to push off, making these scooters the most ergonomic of the Micro range.


Micro Suspension scooter handlebar

If you’re over 6 foot 2 look for a scooter with a high handlebar height. The Micro Suspension, Micro Black and Flex are the scooters for you as they have the highest handlebar, making your ride more comfortable.

If you’re under 6 foot 2 the whole Micro adult scooter range will be suitable for you.

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