Rollin' out the Ultimate Father's Day Gift

Little kids love it when their Dad plays the big kid, so what could be a better present for Father’s Day than an adult scooter? ... Read More

Broken cyclist scoots back to health

Most parents just want to keep up with their kids on a scooter ride. But doing that on a kid’s scooter just feels, well, a bit silly. Perhaps that’s why sales of Micro adult scooters have gone ballistic – all the fun without looking foolish. But footing it with scooter-crazy kids isn’t the only benefit of riding an adult scooter. ... Read More

User review - the emicro one electric scooter

John purchased an emicro one 5 months ago and has already racked up 700kms.  The journey that lead me to the emicro one started on my way to work. It’s a bit of a hike on foot, and every day I saw a couple of guys on Micro scooters scoot past me and disappear into the distance, leaving me thinking "I ... Read More

Be the fun one this Mother's Day

Make this Mother's Day memorable by giving Mum (or yourself) a fun gift. A lot of the time as Mums we don't come under the 'Fun' category. Some of our best memories is the fun we have as a family. With a scooter for Mother's Day it will let you be the fun one more often. Scoot the school run, ... Read More

Have you seen emicro one yet?

Emicro one electric scooter is the future of urban mobility. Today more and more people live in the city with the need to have space saving and practical transport is as important as ever. Electric kick scooters are becoming increasing popular as they're a convenient, green and ... Read More

Emicro Electric Scooter reviews

Cars get stuck in traffic. Buses and trains don't get you all the way to your destination. Walking is slow, and bikes take up too much room. If you need to get from A to B in a hurry, a folding electric scooter can kick some serious ass. CNET It’s an incredible feeling, and the power flows naturally as you push, allowing ... Read More

New products you'll love

New products have just arrived in New Zealand! A great range of new things for preschoolers to adults. Take a read and find out why they're so great :) The Lazy Luggage is a versatile travel companion which you can use to suit you every trip you take. It easily converts from a kids ride on, to a shopping trolley or ... Read More

Why a scooter is great for your child's development

One of the most important parts of child development is play and being active. Preschoolers are naturally very active in their every day and it’s important that they using this energy moving, learning, discovering and having fun. It’s recommended that children from 1-5 years be physically active at least three hours a day and shouldn’t be inactive for more than ... Read More

A Valentine's gift like no other

Valentine’s Day is coming up quick! Searching for the perfect gift for your partner in crime can be difficult. You could go for some ordinary flowers, chocolates, perfume or cologne like the rest of the world. Or you could choose something that will take you on many joyous journeys together. His & hers scooters are the ultimate gift for couples. ... Read More

The secret to keeping your 2017 New Year's resolution

At the beginning of the New Year we make resolutions that "this is the year I'm going to keep". But most of us struggle to hold up the promise and even end up failing in the first month. After asking people what New Years resolutions they have for 2017, I realised how much a scooter could help! A scooter? Yes ... Read More

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