What's the best scooter for a 5-12 year old?

One of the most commonly asked questions we get is "what's the best scooter for my 5-12 year old?". Once they've grown out of their beloved Mini Micro there are lots of great options for their next new ride. Whether they want to stick to the familiar, try out a cool two wheeler or start doing jumps at the skate ... Read More

Adult Scooters are the answer for your commute

We'd all rather be somewhere else when sitting in traffic, confined on the bus or being charged for an expensive taxi. Scooting parts of your journey makes the most of your commute, speeding up short trips, giving you a workout, saving time and money, helping the environment and ultimately leaving you feeling great. Spending money on petrol, parking, taxis and transport ... Read More

Micro Scooter All Stars

Our Micro Scooter Stars love to scoot for different reasons, it might be their favourite weekend activity, the way they cruise to school, to keep up with the kids or the perfect commuting tool. Take a look at some of our awesome Micro All Stars and see why scooting is for them. Evie is one of our biggest Micro fans, wearing ... Read More

Micro Visits Number 10 Downing Street

Anna co-founder of Micro Scooters UK recently spent an amazing morning at Number 10 Downing Street with policy advisors to the prime minister discussing small to medium businesses. Of course she turned up in style in the only way the co-founder of Micro would.. on a scooter! She took the opportunity to show off the brand and posed with her ... Read More

Featured Stockist - Entropy

Meet one of our awesome stockists Entropy a popular toys store in Queensland. We asked the lovely owner Deborah a few questions about about her and the expanding business.. ... Read More

"Nothing comes close to the Mini Micro Scooter"

We are very happy to be featured in the first ever issue of Toddlers Times!  Toddler Times is the awesome new supplement magazine of Mother & Baby. It contains loads of great content on the joys and challenges of being a parent to a Toddler including ... Read More

Why a Scooter is the perfect Mother's Day Gift

Scooting isn't just a great kids activity, it's a Mother's Little Helper for all the right reasons ;) 1. It's a modern, stylish gift that will turn heads. We're seeing more and more adults getting on ... Read More

Mother's Day Competition #microformum

Win a scooter for Mother's Day. To enter simply submit a photo of the kids with their scooters and tell us why you would like an adult scooter for yourself. You could be in win a Micro White or Micro Black adult scooter. There will be two winners, one with the most ... Read More

Supermodel Micro Scooting Mum Allessandra Ambrosio

Allesandra Ambrosio, supermodel, Victoria's Secret model, actress and Mum of two has a Micro Kickboard original, and is regularly seen scooting around LA. Check out the Micro Kickboard Original in  Australia ... Read More

Meet our Micro Mums

As Mother's Day approaches, we've started thinking about all the lovely Mums we meet who want to start scooting with their kids. They're all unique and amazing women but they have a couple of things in common - a desire to keep up with their ... Read More

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