David Beckham's London sunset scooting adventure

David Beckham posted this wonderful photo on his Facebook Page today of Harper on her Mini Micro having a sunset scoot... There's no denying how much little ones love their scooters. Giving a scooter for Christmas is like giving ... Read More

The Sunday Age Christmas Gift Guide

We're pretty happy that the Mini2Go made the Sunday Age Christmas Gift Guide on the weekend. The Mini2Go is our award winning devlopmental toy. It's a ride-on that converts to a scooter and is suitable for children from ... Read More

Get honking!

Honkers, the super cool new way to let the world know you're coming! Easy to put on and fun to use... We've been having a debate in HQ about what sound it makes. Not really a honk, not ... Read More

The Micro Christmas Gift Shop is now open

Christmas is faaaast approaching and I don't know about you, but I am starting to get just a wee bit stressed about how unprepared I am. One thing I know is I want to give my kids a present that they will love, that keeps them active, that helps them develop some ... Read More

Write a review and help thousands

Writing a product review is a a great way to share the love about things you've bought that you love, that your kids love, that you get loads of use out of. These days we're bombarded by so much advertising that real people giving their real ... Read More

Lest We Forget

Today is Remembrance Day... a day to remember all those brave souls who have fallen in war time. Let's all keep the moment of silence at 11am and just be with our own personal thoughts, feelings and remembrances. ... Read More

Become a #microstar

Check out our gallery of stars and their MICRO scooters, or become one yourself!  Send us pics of you and your scooter by email ... Read More

Halloween, micro style

It's Trick or Treating Time again! Here at Micro HQ we are divided on the subject - some of us never trick or treated and view it as some sort of alien American cultural import. Their take on it; "we get told 364 days a year not to take candy from strangers, then one day a year we're told to go ... Read More

Mini2Go receives prestigious German Design Award - Whoop!

Fantastic news just in from Micro HQ: the outstanding Mini2Go has received the German Design Award Special 2016. The German Design Award is the international premium prize of the German Design Council. Its goal: discovering, presenting and awarding unique design trends. Every year, top-quality submissions from product and communications design are awarded, all of which are in their own way ground-breaking in ... Read More

Four Daughters and One Mini Micro

We just had a lovely visit from Pippa and her Mum at Micro HQ. Pippa is the youngest of four girls and a bit of a speed demon, hence the devil tail she chose this morning to accessorise her outfit, which she also chose herself (the girl has an innate sense of style and we love it). As Pippa zipped around ... Read More

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