Tips for the First Week Back at School

Tips for the First Week Back at School

It’s that time of year again, the holidays are coming to an end and school is right around the corner. Get all ducks in a row for the New Year and the school run sorted with Micro! We have asked around and collated a few tried and tested tricks to help make the first week back at school a breeze and get everyone out the door and ready to go (fingers crossed on time!).

1. The morning routine

This tip isn’t at the top by coincidence. We think that we have truly found the key to making those early morning starts a little bit easier; it is all about routine, routine, routine. And the best way to do this is to make sure your kids know when it’s ‘wake up time’, ‘breakfast time’ and ‘leaving time.’ It may sound a bit over the top but establishing the expectations from the get go will have everyone on the same page and make those mornings a little less hectic.

boys having fun scooting the school run

2. It’s all about the prep the night before

Although obvious it does need to be said that making lunches and laying out their clothes the night before is the ultimate time saver and really does save that extra stress in the morning. And the best thing, the kids will have the time to prepare their own lunches, perhaps even excited as they get to pick and choose what they want to have to eat the next day.

3. Keep the fun up

Just because school has started doesn’t mean the holiday fun has to end – it can be harder to keep up during week days but activities such as scooting the school run can still easily fit into the day. Micro has a great range of both kids' scooters and adults' scooters to choose from to ensure there is always time for fun. And as we know, arriving at school after a burst of energy is the best way to get the kids ready to focus in the classroom.

4. Make sure everyone gets enough rest

With the days getting more jam packed with school, activities, work and after school care, the recommended eight hours of sleep a night could not be more important for everyone. The right amount of sleep and rest is crucial in keeping those minds happy, healthy, rested and ready to learn.

5. The 'Parent Time'

Last but not least, this one is for the Mums and Dads out there, even though you aren’t the one’s starting school it can be just as busy and as much of a change for you. Make sure you still have a moment or two to yourself to relax and recharge. It’s as easy as having 15 minutes to yourself in the morning to have your coffee/ tea or practice some yoga/meditation. For the super busy simply doing some exercise on the way to or from the school gate can be a winner.

These top tips are by no means miracle workers but they will make the transition from holiday mode to school and work mode a little bit easier for everyone. Get active as a family, create routines that work for you, spend more time together and make the journey exciting by scooting the school run.

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