New Year's Fitness

New Year's Fitness

NY Ambassadors 

Check out how our three NY Micro Motivators (from last year!) who were able to scoot the talk and stick to their New Year’s resolutions. Not only were they Team Micro’s inspiration but they also shared their January highlights on Insta for everyday inspo. #micromotivation. We wanted to share with you their stories and some of their snaps, videos and top tips of the last month which helped them to stick to their resolutions. Keeping it simple, fun and relaxed.

Have a read and see how easy it is to incorporate fitness in to your day with an adult’s Micro scooter. Want to keep up with our Micro NY Ambassadors? Join them on the Micro White or another adult scooter. 

2018 New Year Micro Ambassadors 

No doubt most of us have made the classic "New Year, New Me" resolutions to start off 2019. Wouldn't it be fantastic to bottle the inspiration that drove us to make those resolutions and slowly sip on it throughout the year to keep us motivated. However, if you're anything like us the motivation started to fade with the temptation of cheese platters, Netflix and sleep.

According to research only 8% of us are likely to succeed with our resolutions. And that's where our New Year Micro Motivators come in.

We chose three people dedicated to keeping their fitness resolutions with a Micro Scooter to inspire both us and you to join the 8%. Say hello to...


micro scooters NY motivator claire

“I would love to be able to do some sort of exercise in 2018. I have 2 small boys, who are very active, and I can’t keep up with them and their energy, especially when they are scooting around on their scooters.” 

- Claire 

micro scooters NY motivators Lorinda

“2018 is going to be all about our families fitness and with two boys (8 & 4) I can't think of a better way to achieve this than by keeping active daily on a Micro Scooter”

- Lorinda 

micro scooters NY motivators Vanessa

"I’d love to work up a sweat on a Micro Scooter – chasing after my three year old"

- Vanessa


Top Tips for Scooting to Fitness 

Keep your scooter in the car

It's a winner - you never know when the opportunity will arise to use it - and as it folds up and becomes compact, it takes up hardly any space.

Use your scooter as much as possible instead of driving

If you are going somewhere close to home - it's much easier to hop on there and take the dog, or pick up something at the shops. Its fab for “me time” as sometimes you just want to do your own thing, so you can hop on and go for a ride around the block.

Think outdoors

If the weather has been great spend every opportunity possible outside - make sure to try and go to places that are bike and scooter friendly so you can make the most of being outside.

Keep up with Micromotivation 

Follow our Micro NY Ambassadors journey on Instagram to stay up to date with how they enjoyed keeping up with their New Years Resolutions with Micro Scooters. #micromotivation 


3 Best Things about having your own scooter

It's easy.

My scooter makes it a lot easier to want to go out and enjoy the outdoors and do some exercising, because I am not having to hunch over a kids scooter which is 5 sizes too small for me.

It’s so much fun.

We all take turns on it, even hubby (who likes to think it’s his) - will spend ages at the scooter park, or the reserve. I think the kids enjoy that we can take part in things that they are passionate about, and because it folds up so easily, it can be kept in the boot at all times and is readily available.

It's got us motivated.

​It’s definitely motivated us as a family to be outdoors more, we have seen so much in the last couple of weeks, and it’s only getting better. You don’t realize how "wheel" friendly so much of Auckland is, and I find myself looking most days for new places to go on the weekends.

Join our Ambassadors on the Micro White 

What Claire loves about her Micro White adult scooter: 

Decent size wheels

They make for a super smooth ride and just keep you going with very little effort

The little kick stand

So handy for parking off to the side when we are out and about (I dislike leaving it on the floor - its way to cool to be one of those floor scooters!!!) 

Adjustable handle bars

So easy to quickly adjust the height, and also the ability to quickly fold it down to put in the car.

The generous foot plate

Makes it easy for 2 of us (well me and one of the kids) to ride together

If you have any awesome gems of advice for health and wellbeing simply tag #micromotivation in your snap and ride our NY wave!