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Awards Icon AWARD WINNING SWISS DESIGN     Free Delivery Icon 2 YEAR WARRANTY    Free Delivery Icon FREE DELIVERY OVER $50    Price Promise Icon ​PRICE PROMISE

Awards Icon SWISS DESIGN   Free Delivery Icon FREE DELIVERY OVER $50
Free Delivery Icon 2 YEAR WARRANTY   Price Promise Icon ​PRICE PROMISE

emicro Condor electric scooter

The power is yours - emicro Condor electric scooter

Electric scooters

emicro Condor electric scooter - maximum range and comfort

emicro Falcon electric scooter - ultra compact, light and practical

join the electric revolution with the emicro range

get there no sweat with the emicro range

join the electric revolution emicro range

The future of urban transport

Step on to the future with the latest electric scooters from Micro designed to transform the foundation of urban transport.  With the rider in mind our electric scooters embody the ultimate intersection of functionality, precision and speed. Being the only electric scooters engineered in Switzerland every detail is considered and accounted for, right down to the micro details.  Step on, the power is yours.

A new era of urban mobility has begun. More and more people populate cities, leading to exponential urban growth. Space-saving and practical mobility, which has been our vision since 1996, is now more relevant than ever.
Society is changing and so is the demand for mobility. Eco-friendly vehicles, like our electric scooter range, will play an essential role when it comes to the future of personal transportation.

Wim Ouboter | Founder and CEO
the making of the emicro condor

inside the emicro condor electric scooter

The emicro Condor is a truly innovative addition to the Micro electric range. 

We spoke with emicro product manager, Gian Zimmermann, on everything from the emicro one to the fully electric emicro Condor through to the future of the personal electric transportation device.

After considering the electric scooter market I wanted to develop a premium electric scooter that could travel greater distances comfortably, enabling end to end journeys. In this way I wanted to develop an electric scooter that catered to the general need for comfort, grip and a throttle. Making it a real alternative to electric bikes.  With the emicro Condor you don’t need to do anything - it does it all for you. No need to sweat - just enjoy the journey.
emicro electric scooter reviews

"One day all scooters will be built like this" Expert Reviews

Emicro electric scooter review - Techfly

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emicro and The Hood Design Award

Good Design Awards

One of the longest standing and most prestigious design awards in the world, promoting excellence in design and innovation since 1958.
Managed by Good Design Australia, Australia’s annual Good Design Awards program recognises and rewards excellence in design, innovation and creativity at a national and international level.

the story behind the emicro one

The story behind emicro one

The emicro one is one of the lightest, most compact electric scooters in the world.  An awe-inspiring feat of engineering that takes electric scooters from being big, bulky and noisy to streamlined, sleek and sublime. But how did it happen?
We interviewed Gian Zimmerman one of Micro’s engineers. Read more >

Wim Ouboter emicro creator

Meet the inventor

"How we move around our cities and cope with the increase in traffic is something I feel impassioned about.  
We need a solution and scooters are part of this.  The emicro one takes this to the next level."
- Wim Ouboter Inventor of the Micro scooter and Micro CEO.
Read more >

Why drive when you could fly?

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