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School kids scooter guide

Having trouble deciding on a scooter? Our buying guides are here to help you pick the perfect one.

Find out the benefits and differences between our models in each of our preschool, kids and adult ranges. Understand the differences between our toddler ride-ons, kids 3 wheelers, 2 wheelers and adult commuting scooters.

After reading these helpful guides you'll have everything you need to know to make the best decision for you or your child.

Video Guides
Preschool scooter guide
Skate park scooter guide
Adult scooter guide


Scooter Guides

Toddler ride-on scooter guide

Micro balance bike or preschool scooter

Mini or maxi scooter guide

classic vs deluxe models

Boys on 2 and 3 wheel micro scooters

Which two wheel scooter is right for my child?

Micro adult scooter guide

Why buy a micro scooter for the family?

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