Ride On Scooter Guide

Ride-ons are the perfect first step for toddlers to start developing skills and get a taste of independence rolling on their own. Our preschool range has been designed specifically with child development in mind to assist toddlers in improving their balance, coordination and confidence. Kids are fast learners and these versatile wheels are ready to transform as they're ready, changing from ride-on to scooter. This guide is here to help you decide between our different ride-on options and pick out the right match for your child.

Mini Micro Scooter plus seat attachments for preschoolers

The Mini Micro plus the seat is great for toddlers from as young as 1 year old. The Micro 3in1 comes with the Mini Micro scooter, lightweight seat and easy to use o-bar handle attachment. 

The adjustable seat can be set at two different heights to suit your child. Once they're ready to stand you can remove the seat and start learnng to scoot with the easy to use o-bar handle. Once they're confident you can replace the stem for the t-bar and use as the Mini Micro Scooter.

• Seat can be set at 21cm or 27cm
• Width of the seat is 6.5cm
• O-bar handle height is 48.5cm
• T-bar height is 67cm

Ride-on scooter for toddlers

The Mini2Go is suitable for toddlers from 18months with a wider seat. The Mini2Go comes with a ride-on seat, storage drawer and scooter with an adjustable handle bar.
Todddlers can use the ride-on and easy to remove storage draw that lets them bring along their toys and treasures when they please. Once they're ready to start scooting you can remove the seat completely and use as a scooter. The three removable parts makes it easy for you to store.

• Seat is positioned 20.5cm
• Width of ride-on seat is 18cm
• Handlebar adjusts from 42-58cm

Mini2go Deluxe ride on scooter

The Mini2Go Deluxe is suitable for toddlers from 18months with the wider seat. The Deluxe models comes with a ride-on seat, storage drawer, scooter and parents handle bar.
The Mini2Go Deluxe is essentially the same as at the Mini2go with some newly added features. The parents handle bar helps you guide you child until they get used to the motion and can start moving by themselves. It also comes with a light for night riding around the house or in the garden.
Mini2go deluxe features
• Seat is positioned at 20.5cm
• Width of ride-on seat is 18cm
• Handle bar adjusts from 49-68cm
• Parents handle adjusts from 40-80cm long
Stages of Mini Micro and Seat Attachment

Stage 1 of Mini3in1 ride-on

Stage 2 of Mini3in1 toddler scooter

Stage 3 of Mini3in1 Micro Scooter

Mini Micro 3in1 measurements

Stages of Mini2go

stage 1 and 2 of mini2go

stages 3 and 4 for mini2go

Mini2go measurements

Stages of Mini2go Deluxe

Mini2go deluxe stage 1 parents handle bar

Mini2go deluxe stage 2 with drawer

Mini2go deluxe stage 3 without drawer

Mini2go deluxe stage 4 small scooter

Mini2go deluxe stage 5 scooter

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