10 Years of Micro Scooters New Zealand

Award winning Mini Micro scooter colours

Happy Birthday Micro Scooters New Zealand and Australia!

Micro Scooters New Zealand has recently hit the double digits turning 10 years old!  Our journey started with the introduction of the iconic Mini Micro Classic to New Zealand, and in 10 years we have grown to a range of 30+ scooters plus helmets and accessories.

From its launch the Mini Micro classic etched out its position as the ‘go-to’ scooter for preschoolers. The innovative 3-wheeler is unrivalled due to its unique lean to steer system which developed the confidence and coordination of NZ toddlers. Loved by children and parents alike the Mini Micro gave kids their first taste of independence whilst ensuring their safety on wheels. The Mini Micro Classic has become a true icon, beautifully designed and engineered, and a product that is easy to be proud of.

On the back of the Micro Mini Classic a diverse range of Micro scooters was introduced to New Zealand answering the demand for various ages and abilities.

  • The Mini and Maxi Deluxe are beloved sports toys that encourage children’s agility, exercise and movement. 
  • The Maxi Micro and Sprite enables kids to roll to school and provides endless weekend activities and adventure.
  • The Pro-standard range was developed in conjunction with the world’s top pro riders to ensure that they are tried and tested in the extreme.
  • The Adult scooters have been wildly popular substituting out the mundane morning commute and enabling parents to keep up with the kids.

And that’s just to name a few!

The innovative nature of Micro Scooters is showcased perfectly by the Emicro, the world’s first motion controlled electric scooter and the ‘Microlino’ mini electric car a bold move into the future of urban mobility. We are thrilled to be a part of a brand that incorporates the future into development, design and every micro detail. Therefore, sustainability is intrinsic in Micro thinking as a natural by-product of our forward thinking.  This commitment to innovation revolutionised the scooter, building longevity into every element with replacement parts available for all.

So there you have it. Pop a party popper; raise a glass with us this weekend to ten years! Let us not forget such an adventure could not have been achieved without the support of our wonderful customers, so thank you. We are loving the Journey and we hope you are too!



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