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Since 1999 with the huge success of the first foldable scooter the aim was not to become a one hit wonder but continually innovate and improve modern mobility. When thinking of a new idea the Swiss design team always asks the same question, “how can we make getting from A to B more practically, time saving and fun at the same time?”.  This question has lead to more than 40 new products and the creation of over 25 innovations.  Read below on some of our favourite innovations how they've changed the way we travel. 

wim and the first micro prototype

First Folding Aluminium Scooter

After the first prototype was made in 1997, the first folding scooter was introduced by Micro Mobility Systems to the market in 1999. The lightweight foldable scooter became extremely popular with children as a fun, practical and easy way to get around. Over 5 million models were sold worldwide. The original model has grown and developed into many scooters including today's top selling Sprite scooter for kids. 

girl riding a micro sprite

Youth with Kickboard street scooter

The Kickboard - Surf and Street Ride

Soon after the first foldable scooter came the Kickboard, a 3 wheeler with new lean steering. The new style of riding was adopted by youth. It uses similar techniques as a skateboard or surfing to ride along the street using a joy stick. The special weight and steering of the kickboard is patented and works through shifting your weight from side to side, curving and carving as you ride.

the original micro scooters kickboard

kids riding mini micro scooters

Mini Micro - The best developmental toy

The Mini Micro was originally introduced in 2001 with a similar construction to the kickboard but for kids as young as two years old to use. The little scooter is stable, lightweight and has a lean to steer function. It was jointly developed with Swiss medical professionals to develop motor skills, balance and coordination of preschoolers. The mini is safe, fun and the best developmental toy for young children.

mini micro close up

Luggage - For the fun frequent flyer.

The Luggage scooter is a collaboration with Suitsupply a Dutch fashion label. It is a unique hand luggage size cross between a suitcase, trolley and kickboard. Designed for frequent flyers to save time and energy travelling through terminals. The luggage transforms from a kickboard to your carry on in seconds.

Pedal flow - Unique folding bike.

The Pedalflow is a compact and foldable bike. Unlike many other bikes, it can easily be stored and put in the boot of your car. It is also a great alternative to going to the gym. With no seat it gives you a work out in a similar way to a step machine. Working your thighs, glutes and even abdominal muscles as you ride. Ideal for people who want to get a decent workout on their way from A-B.

guy riding the micro pedal flow

Trike - The smallest and lightest buggy.

The Trike is the lightest and most compact buggy enabling you to bring your child along and navigate stores easily whilst keeping a hand free. Its adaptable fitting in the boot of your car, slung on your shopping trolley or attached to your backpack. The perfect shopping assistant for mum and dad that kids love to ride.

girl on the micro trike

Snow scooter

Black Ice - The first Snowpark Scooter

Three years have gone into the development of this one of a kind scooter for the snow. Like it's name, Black Ice, this scooter is no joke. It’s been made for jibs and jumps at ski resorts. Provides a high level of creative freedom. You can perform tail whips, scooter flips, grinds and hit big air... if you know what that means.

Emicro one review

Emicro one - The world’s first scooter with motion control.

Emicro one is a unique hybrid e-scooter that's fully integrated with no exposed wires or cables.  The battery is hidden in the board of the scooter and motor in the rare wheel. The rider is able to control the speed and amount of support provided. It is the most lightweight e-scooters at 7.5kgs. The Emicro one is the ultimate riding experience that keeps you active and gets you further.

emicro one electric scooter

Micro Peugeot e-Kick - The ultimate park and ride solution.

The Micro Peugeot e-Kick is collaboration with Peugeot a French car brand.  Like the Emicro one, this electric scooter supports every kick you make with power.  The unique design allows the scooter to fold down into a trolley to bring along with you anywhere and store easily. You can even use the Peugeot app to monitor your speed and the scooters battery charge.

Peugeot e-kick

Microlino designed prototype

The Microlino - Mini electric car

The latest innovation from Micro is this mini electric car. It's practical, environmentally friendly, saves space and money with Micros "reduce to the max" vision. Reducing the amount of materials needed to produce and the amount of emissions or fumes emitted. Designed for inner city use with its small, simple and unique design. People can't help but smile when they see it with its futuristic and retro charm.

Microlino Mini Electric car

The history of Micro Scooters from 1997-2007

The history of Micro Scooters timeline from 2008

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