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What is Dad's Racing Style? 

Does he have the need for speed, or does he want a smooth ride? Or would he love something unique to take on the kids? Our adult scooter buying guide will help you find the best scooter for Dad and here are our top picks:

emicro Scooter for super power for Dad

Super Smooth Suspension scooter for Dad this Father's Day

Super smooth scooter for Dad this Father's day


Buy Dad a Micro Kickboard Monster for the ultimate race this Father's Day


Father's Day Downtown Scooter with FREE gift




1. Money is time, save both! 
Give Dad his time back in the morning, leave late and arrive early powered by health and fitness! A Dad's job is never done. 

2. Make every day race day. 
Micro adults scooters are not just for Father’s Day, they’re super present that can add to Dad’s every day.  Whether it’s racing with the kids, commuting, or exploring, the adventure doesn’t have to stop. The perfect two wheelers for the commute or the school run– make every day super, Father’s Day and beyond. 

3. Every kid wants to race their Dad - the ultimate test.  
Give Dad and your little ones the best day ever, with both Dad and the kids on wheels finally the playing flied is equal. Dream team start your engines! 

Little kids love playing with their Dads, so what could be a better present for Dad than an adult’s scooter to bring to life the ultimate race. Make Dad a little more super this Father’s Day with Micro.  A Micro Scooter enables them to fly further, faster, promoting health and laughs for the whole family. Dad will love his Micro scooter as it allows him to play and race the kids instead of running after them.  Even the every day trips to school and work become easy and fun! 

We've got a great range of Swiss made scooters to meet the needs of Super Dads and their routines. We’ve got it all; super strong, super-fast or super power scooters. Our scooters are designed and engineered to last with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty and all replacement parts available. 

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Micro Dad Matt loves to scoot with his kids

What made you decide to get a scooter?
FOMO. Fear of missing out! So I got one for Xmas one year.

What's best about being a scooter Dad?
The best about dad scooting is when I scoot with my son. It’s even better when we double ride (Luca on board with me). We snake up and down the driveway and pretend that we’re surfing - ‘Smacking’ the lip of the wave. Its fun cause you can really lean into the turns and with the extra weight of Luca the wheels grind! He hoots and carries on.

What would you say to Dads hesitant to scoot?
Don’t be left behind… I see kids that scoot and the dads just watch. It's better if you're doing it too.

Matthew is an electrical engineer and dad to Luca 3.5 and Helena 1.5. He loves scootering with kids, it's a really fun way to keep them entertained and active! Most afternoons you will find Matt scootering up and down the driveway with the kids and by the beach on weekends. 


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Father and sons using Micro Scooters

What is your best advice for Dads?
I doubt I should be giving advice to other Dads.

What made you decide to get a scooter?
I have had my scooter for quite a few years now so it’s hard to remember why I got it in the first place. I guess it was to commute around my general area, to be able to scoot with the kids and generally because I really am just a big kid and thought it looked like a heap of fun.  

Sometimes I get a ‘look’ from adults as I pass by while scooting. Yes I am a forty something year old on a scooter and yes I am having as much fun as it looks. The scooter is great for jobs that are too far to walk to but not worth getting the car or bike out for.

Grabbing the scooter is just so quick and easy to pop down to the butchers or post office.

What do my kids think of me scooting?
Well they haven’t really known any different, it’s just a part of our life. Dad has always had a scooter. Dad has a scooter and that’s normal isn’t it. Just as Dad has an aeroplane and he likes to fly it upside down. Since this photo was taken the kids have upgraded their scooters. Sullivan loves the big wheels of his ‘Rocket' and Kaelan cruises on his big wheeled ‘Kickboard monster’.

What is your best advice for Dads?
I doubt I should be giving advice to other Dads.

I’m a Dad to two young sons, Kaelan 8 and Sullivan 6, and husband to a wonderful wife. I work as an Air-traffic Controller in Melbourne and in my spare time I like to compete in Aerobatic competitions around Australia. I am part owner in a little aerobatic aircraft, I currently hold the Guinness World Record for the ‘most rolls consecutively by an aircraft’ and yes I’m the proud owner of a micro ‘Black’ Scooter.


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Cam and Taylor on their Micro kids and adults scooters

What do your kids think about you scooting?
Taylor loves it as it allows her to do something special with daddy, its fun and FAST. Taylor even practices her dance moves as she scoots!

When do you use your scooter the most?
So my wife thought it would be a great idea to get me a Micro Scooter so I could scoot with Taylor in the afternoons and weekends. We started out riding up and down the street at first and then we started venturing around the neighbourhood and before long we were scooting between 3-5km some days.
On those rare days off or later afternoon scooting with Taylor around the neighbourhood or to the park.  I sometimes use it for short trips like to the train, shop or swimming.

What's great about being a scooter Dad?

I get to spend more time with my daughter and better still she wants to spend time with me doing some fun physical activity.

How has your scooter changed your commute?
It means I don’t have to park close to destinations or use expensive parking, I can actually park a little further away and grab the scooter out and ride it to wherever I am heading, with ease.

What would you say to Dads thinking about getting a scooter?
Do it, as it enables you to join in with your son or daughter with something they love and it will enable you to connect more.  It is easier then running after them, or having to take them to a park or somewhere, plus you achieve some activity too.

Cameron has a 4yr old daughter (Taylor), who's had a Micro Scooter for nearly 3yrs, and she just loves sharing her time between it and her bike. Owning a Cycle Coaching Centre in West End, Brisbane keeps Cameron very busy 6 days a week. These days are jam packed with indoor and outdoor cycle coaching sessions and mechanic’s workshops. He also competes in Triathlons and Cycling Events when time permits.


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Dad on a scooter with kids

Dad and son riding scooters to school

Dad on a speed+ with his son

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