Free Gift for Mother's Day

Buy Mum a scooter and we'll give her a bell, you'll even get one too

Mother and Daughter on their scooters

The best gift for Mum and me

The Best Mother's Day Gift Ever

Get Mum her own scooter for Mother's Day, so she can keep up, have fun and feel great - all at the same time.

If you’re after a scooter for Mum in time for Mother’s Day please check delivery regions before purchasing. Otherwise, visit one of our stockists.

"When I get out and scoot with the kids it makes me feel like a big kid again too.  We really just get to let loose and enjoy life together." - Stevie
"We scoot to school each morning. We've done this since day one, and it is such a fabulous memory I already have for myself. I know they'll have it too." - Kate

Mothers Day favourites

Shop fast and smooth scooters for mother's day

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Shop compact Micro Scooter for Mother's Day

Choosing a scooter is easy. Want a fast and smooth ride to get you anywhere right on time? Like to stand out at the school gates? Or maybe you're commuting as well and a compact scooter would be perfect. They're all fun, they're all foldable, they're all awesome... so it's pretty hard to go wrong.
If you're looking for premium quality with exceptional customer service you've come to the right place. You'll also get a 2 year manufacturer warranty and free delivery for your scooter. 

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  • white - floral multi

  • speed+ mint

  • speed+

  • kickboard compact (J/T)

  • suspension

  • bag in bag

  • carry strap

  • rocket sky blue

  • flex+ aubergine

  • flex+ matte black

  • flex air

  • white

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