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Imagine if your workplace had a fleet of scooters that you could use to get to meetings or to get further in your lunch hour. It's an idea that's taking off for a bunch of very good reasons:

1. To save time getting to and from meetings and maximising lunch hours. 

2. To save money on taxis and parking.

3. Scooting reduces stress and refreshes you - helping you concentrate.

4. It reduces the office carbon foot print, giving you a clean conscience.

Scooting is an innovative and sustainable way for your office to get to and from meetings and maximise lunch hours.  Saving lots of time and money and looking after the health and wellbeing of their greatest asset - you.

A fleet of adult scooters for Xero


Xero, the 'beautiful accounting software' company with over 700,000 subscribers worldwide was founded in New Zealand in 2006. 

At #1 on Forbes Most Innovative Growth Companies list in 2014 and 2015 and now employing 1400 staff in 20 offices worldwide, the Xero success story is all about innovation, passion and helping small businesses thrive.

Xero have just taken on their first fleets of branded Micro adult scooters for their Sydney and Wellington offices. To give staff a fun and healthy way to get between buildings, to and from meetings, and generally have some fun.

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Xero staff on their Xero branded Micro scooters

Why scooter fleets work

Kiwibank fleet of scooters


Kiwibank have a fleet at head office of 12 Micro White scooters, which are in constant demand.

"We spend so much time walking and taxiing between various agencies... we wondered if there wasn’t a way to save time, save taxi chits and get a bit of fitness involved."

“Saving on those taxi rides is a really positive outcome that’s been derived from the scooters – both in savings and in the environmental impact.”

"It’s really been a “surprise and delight” to Kiwibankers, reminding our staff that we’re an innovative crowd of people who look outside the box to solve challenges"

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Kiwibank's branded adult scooters

Weta workshop and their fleet of scooters

Weta Workshop

Weta workshop, the Oscar-winning special effects geniuses behind Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, have a fleet of Micro Black scooters.

 "The tour guides use the scooters to get between our three tour spaces, which are  often booked out with back-to-back tours... our tour guides now have more time to spend on preparation and can start their tours on a high note."

“It doesn’t really feel like work when you get to ride a scooter, even though it’s all part of the job now!”

“We at Weta Workshop are constantly looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and with such a large team, we know that every little bit helps. Our Weta Wheels fit into that ‘green’ vision...”

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Weta Workshop's fleet of Micro Black adult scooters

Wellington City Council scooter fleet

Greater Wellington Regional Council

Greater Wellington Regional Council encourages commuters to use sustainable transport alternatives to reduce congestion.

They have a fantastic location on the waterfront, with the only drawback being a 15 minute walk to the city centre. Providing staff a fleet of Micro White scooters, to get to meetings and use during their lunch hour saves time and spend on taxi's while giving staff a fun, refreshing break.

“I use our scooters to go to meetings where parking would be a problem and don’t wanted take half an hour to walk there.”

“The scooters are good for going out on during lunch and going to external meetings as you don’t need to spend time finding somewhere to lock it up on arrival, as you would with a bike, you can just take it in with you.”

“Overall I think it is a good asset to have that encourages staff to get out and be more active.” 

"We want to lead the region by example through lowering our corporate footprint. Our vehicle fleet makes up 40% of our emissions so we are looking at a variety of ways of reducing this. Some of the initiatives we have done have included electric vehicles in our fleet and providing scooters and bikes for staff."

Would your office like to save time and money getting to meetings, reduce it's carbon footprint and keep staff healthy and happy?

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Design works office scooter

Design Works

“People use it to get to and from external meetings, being an agency we work with a large number of clients and suppliers all over Wellington and so its a great option for getting to meetings or out at lunchtime down to Oriental Bay. It’s handy if we need to pick up a few things from the supermarket too as you can store the bags on the handles on the way back!”

“Lastly, it's super fun to scoot around our office as we’ve got smooth concrete floors. It provides a great break between jobs and a good stress reliever to have a quick scoot around the office.”

“Having a scooter fits very well with our sustainability vision! We have a large number of clients and suppliers scattered all over Wellington and so it provides a great option for staff thats faster than walking and cheaper and more carbon efficient than catching a taxi.”

“Our scooter is fast and really nicely designed. It’s not only practical but looks great when parked in our office foyer and portrays us as being a fun and sustainable agency to our clients and visitors which is awesome!”

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