Kiwibank's adult scooter fleet

Read our Q&A with Kiwibank about their extremely successful scooter fleet:

Why did Kiwibank decide to invest in a fleet of 12 Micro scooters?:

It started as a bit of a joke within the Marketing team. We spend so much time walking and taxiing between various agencies around downtown Wellington, we wondered if there wasn’t a way to save time, save taxi chits and get a bit of fitness involved. It turns out there was – scooters. So what started off as a big of a gag suddenly became something we realised we might actually be able to do.

When we did introduce them, we realised that other teams in Kiwibank were keen for them too – so it’s not unusual to see flocks of Kiwibanker’s riding our special branded scooters around the capital.

How do you use the fleet?:

Being a bank means we have a lot of complex business requirements, and that means we have a lot of third party agencies that we need to deal with. Being a not-too-big city, it also means that most of them are within a few blocks – slightly too long to walk and slightly too short to justify a taxi ride. So we use our scooters primarily for getting around to the large numbers of meetings we have in downtown Wellington (we especially enjoy hooning down the waterfront).

Has the fleet been a success?

Very quickly, the scooters have become an integral part of the way many of us get around. There are always a few booked out at any given time, and it’s fun to see Kiwibankers race by when you’re out and about in the city.

How has the fleet made a difference to staff?:

On a practical level, it’s given Kiwibankers another option to get around – something that’s a bit fun and different. On another level, it’s really been a “surprise and delight” to Kiwibankers, reminding our staff that we’re an innovative crowd of people who look outside the box to solve challenges (and have a good time doing it).

How do they fit into Kiwibank’s sustainability vision?

We believe in running our business in a sustainable way – as our website puts it, “environmentally, socially and just plain nicely.” Saving on those taxi rides is a really positive outcome that’s been derived from the scooters – both in savings and in the environmental impact.
Fewer cars, more scooters — it’s got to be a good thing, right?

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One of  the Kiwibank branded Micro White scootersKiwibankers on their fleet of scootersKiwibank use their scooters every day.


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