Dad, Pop, Dada, Papa Competition

Congrats to our winner for the super cute four words that describe their little one's Dad, Dada, Pop or Papa. You've won a Mini Micro Deluxe for you little one! Please see below. 
Siew Wan Chai: Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Ironman (Yes, the boy is super into superhero)

Dad and child scooting together on Mini Micro Deluxe 

Please see full competition terms & conditions here.

Previous Competitions: 

Micro X Collab Adventure Competition

Thank you to all who entered our competition - we have so enjoyed reading all the wonderful and wild adventures you've planned for your mini me. 
Congrats to the winners below: 
You've each won a Mini Micro Deluxe Scooter colour of your choice and a $150 Bobux Shoes Voucher! 

Win&win&win&win a scooter. 4 words on M-O-T-H-E-R-H-O-O-D. WINNERS 🤟

Thank you to all who entered our 'Fill in the blanks - Motherhood is: _______&_______&_______&_______' Competition.
We seriously had such an overwhelming number of awesome answers that we have four winners. Each winning an Adult Micro Classic Scooter!
Congrats to the winners below! If you are a winner please flick us an email at and we'll get your scooter sent your way.
"Motherhood is Fast & Frantic & Fulfilling & Fierce" 
- @jzantvoort
"Motherhood is noise & mayhem & mess & amazing"
- @laura.balch
"Motherhood is wonderful & exhausting & hilarious & sticky"
- @annaliesetracey
"Motherhood is FUN & CHAOS & LOVE & COFFEE"
- @prettyriki 

#Keepup! Back to School Competition WINNER. 

What awesome mama knowledge, we've learnt so much just reading the comments. Thank you to all who entered and shared!

The winner is Sue (be sure to read her hack!) you've won an Adults Micro Classic to keep up!

#1 Hack:  

'We did a “democratic” exercise by drafting our rules together as a family before start of term: (1) Waking up early before 7.15 am? Yup, you are allowed to have one 10 minutes cartoon while having your breakfast. (2) Everyone MUST step out of the door by 8 am, so get dressed by 7.40 am and socks on by 7.55 am! (3) one extra cartoon after school if the kid helps out with cleaning after breakfast. 👍 Believe it or not, kids function better with rules, especially if they are given a say and involved in deciding it! I’m proud of our little parliament of this house, and our great execution of laws so far! 🤣'