#Keepup! Back to School Competition WINNER. 

What awesome mama knowledge, we've learnt so much just reading the comments. Thank you to all who entered and shared!

The winner is Sue (be sure to read her hack!) you've won an Adults Micro Classic to keep up!

#1 Hack:  

'We did a “democratic” exercise by drafting our rules together as a family before start of term: (1) Waking up early before 7.15 am? Yup, you are allowed to have one 10 minutes cartoon while having your breakfast. (2) Everyone MUST step out of the door by 8 am, so get dressed by 7.40 am and socks on by 7.55 am! (3) one extra cartoon after school if the kid helps out with cleaning after breakfast. 👍 Believe it or not, kids function better with rules, especially if they are given a say and involved in deciding it! I’m proud of our little parliament of this house, and our great execution of laws so far! 🤣'

Back to School Competition

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Thank you to all our entrants into our best places to scoot competition. 

Winner: Alina
You've won a adults Classic Scooter to keep with your daughter! 

"Montrose park in Tasmania has some great views and it is a fantastic park with a 5km scooter and bike lane. My daughter and I :) both love taking our dog for a walk/scoot - bonus the park has off the lead area for doggies that are well behaved like our awesome Buttons."

P.S. Stay tuned your location will be added to our Best Places to Scoot Map to share the fun soon.  

Previous Competitions

Thank you to everyone who entered our New Years competition by sharing their resolutions & intentions for 2020

Congratulations to the winners:



Make more time to play with my little ones first & leave housework as a 2nd priority! ..i need to constantly remind myself time waits for no Mumma!


Clair Bear

To help in our community. We have been amazingly lucky to have our home saved, while our tiny little town was completely surrounded by bushfires. This year my resolution is to do what I can to support and help in our community.

 Thank you to everyone who entered over the past few weeks. Merry Christmas!! 

Congrats to Week Four Winner: 

I find it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of the season and buy things, whether your kids truly need them or not. This year, Santa’s list for our children is for something they need. Something that once outgrown, can then get passed onto siblings for more years of use. Quality over quantity.

Congrats to Week Three Winner: 

I would be be EXTREMELY GRATEFUL FOR ANY OF THEM but micro floral would be sublime I have four kids to keep up with AND NO WHEELS 😂🤣🙏😍🎅🏻🤶🏻🎄❤️


Congrats to Week Two Winner: 

We’re up to our 3rd micro scooter with 2 kids 2 x mini micro deluxe (still going strong for 3 years old) and now upgrade to micro cruiser for the big 5 year old, now mum wants to join 👌


Congrats to Week One Winner:
Nenita Fernando 

'I love a non-traditional tree,something a bit quirky and fun. So a driftwood Christmas tree with a decoration of hanging balls,stars,and flowers that gonna made from old magazines that I keep it home after read. And believe me guys, this is ridiculously easy to make and cost next to nothing,which is a price tag will feel you thankful over everytime. Just collect the driftwood from the beach or if you have those old branches of tree from your backyard,you can use them to assemble your Christmas tree. Then you can paint it what ever color you desire to your Christmas tree,but just make it natural color tree the better. Then hang those decorations and put a Christmas light on it,then job done, you will be happy and proud to your self as you help our environment sustainable.'