Micro Kick Pack Scooter

SKU: ML0012
  • Scooter & Backpack
  • Travel Ride-on
  • 26L Volume
  • Integrated light

The Micro Kickpack Micro Scooter is and engineering feat seamlessly integrating a backpack and scooter to create an urban transport solution whether thats a scoot between meetings, commute to and from home or business trip. Fitting 26L capacity the Micro Kick can easily carry all your day-to-day belongings around in fully organised with built in compartments. Wide enough to fit a laptop, other electronic devices, books and clothes enclosed in a protective hard outer shell. The backpack also includes a stand on the front to rest your tablet on. The integrated light provides visability in the dark and added safety.

The Micro Kickpack works seamlessly as an integrated scooter and backpack. The backpack is easily detachable and can be comfortably carried with two straps on the back. Like other 3 wheeled Micro Scooters it is built off of a lean-to-steer mechanism for rider stability and control. Foldable, compact and lightweight the scooter is practical and versatile with an adjustable handlebar with closed quick lock action at the preferred height.

Be safe and seen with the integrated light for visibility. Step on to the future with the Micro Kickpack.


 Age Range 12 - Adult
Max Load 100kg
Weight 5.3kg
Weight of Scooter 3.1kg
Weight of Backpack 2.2kg
Wheel Size 100/80mm
Handlebar Height 67-96cm
Height of Trolley Function 91cm
Height of Backpack 50cm
Deck Width 10cm
Deck Length 37cm
Ground Clearance 4cm
Suitcase Capacity 26L

Questions and Answers

Q. Tell me things I need to know about the Micropack scooter?

The Micro Kick is the epitome of innovative urban transport - combing a scooter and a backpack in to one. It weights a total of 5.3kg and has a capacity of 26L. It can be used a number of different ways from a luggage scooter, to a traditional piece of wheeled luggage (footplate folds up) and separately as an independent scooter and backpack.

Q. Can I use the backpack and the scooter independently?

Yes, the Micropack backpack has a 26L capacity to easily fit your belongs from IPad to clothing. Complete with a range of separate compartments you can rest assured everything will be where you left it and safety stored.

Designed and engineered in Switzerland the scooter is made out of the highest quality materials;

Polyurethane wheels, strong aluminium frame and adjustable handlebar provides the ultimate ride and whilst ensuring longevity.

Q. How do I take the backpack off the scooter?

The backpack can easily detach/attach from/to the scooter.

The backpack detaches from the scooter simply by pushing the blue button located between the top of the bag and lowest range of the T-bar which releases the backpack. To reattach place the backpack on to the base of scooter and push the backpack on to the T-bar - this will lock the backpack back in place.

The Micro Kickpack can be folded with or without the backpack attached. Simply pull the arrowed loop (on top of the blue button) in an upwards direction to fold the foot plate. With the backpack on it turns in to a traditional wheeled luggage, without the backpack it is a compact scooter. The scooters T-bar can be adjusted quickly through the use of the closed quick action lock (the lever on the inside of the T-bar).

Q. How does the Micro Kickpack steer?

The Kickpack is built on a lean to steer mechanism meaning the scooter turns through the riders weight distribution. The lean to steer system within the Kickpack scooter has been developed to be q sensitive so that sharper turns can be made which are often needed in urban areas.

Q. Any important instructions?

  • Check that bindings are secured tightly before each use
  • Check adjustment of telescope function
  • Caution: brake can become hot
  • Do not ride down slopes
  • Close quick-action lock securely and ensure that it is correctly positioned
  • This product is not for children
  • Only one foot is allowed on the board at a time.

Q. Can I take the Micro Kickpack on as hand luggage?

As the Micro Kickpack combines both fully detachable backpack and scooter, it is not usually allowed to be taken on aeroplanes as hand luggage. However it is always worth checking with your airline.

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