Why choose a Micro Scooter?

Scooters are a quick enjoyable way to get around with the family, for work and for pleasure. Micro Scooters come recommended by parents around the world as the best scooters for kids due to their quality and longevity. Our adult scooter range has the best scooters for adults to join in on the fun and make the commute a breeze.

swiss design

 Swiss Design

Micro scooters are Swiss Designed and engineered. The quality and safety design is proven as you pass them down through the family and on to the next.

Manufacturers Warranty

Micro scooters are reliable and guaranteed against manufacturer’s faults for two years after purchase. Get in contact and we'll look at any issues straight away.

spare parts available

Spare Parts

Almost all of our parts are screwed together, as opposed to fused, making them easier to replace so we can keep you up and scooting for longer.

Healthy and sustainable

Scooting is a practical modern form of transport giving you a workout on way and of course it’s great for the environment.

Scooting is free, fast and fun

Scooting to your destination is free, saving you money on transport and cutting walking time in half.  Makes those quick trips from A-B enjoyable and stress-free.

Lightweight Design

Micro scooters have been designed to be portable and make travel as easy as possible. The lightweight materials used means you can take your scooters anywhere.

Why buy a scooter from Micro Scooters?

When you purchase a scooter from Micro New Zealand, you're buying more than an innovative, well designed product that you'll love.

Award Winning

Micro Scooters are award winning for their innovation and design, we've received many great awards in New Zealand since 2007.

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Free delivery on all scooters

Get free delivery on any scooters and receive free delivery on any purchases over $50 from us.

Largest Micro Scooter range available in New Zealand

We have the largest range of Micro scooters available in New Zealand. You will find the perfect scooter for you in our preschool, kids, adults and freestyle range. 

spare parts available

Stock Micro Scooter spare parts

Only we have a full range of replacement parts available in New ZealandFind the part you want to replace easily and our friendly staff are always happy to give advice on repairs.

Kick scooter experts

Our Micro staff are experts on scooters and our products, providing great advice on all scooters and excellent after purchase service.

serial number

Serial Numbers

Micro scooters each have a serial number printed on the product. This helps us if there is ever a need to trace any scooters in the manufacturing process.
What to look for when buying a scooter

Quality Parts

Micro uses the highest quality materials, which makes a noticeable difference.


Micro wheels are made of premium polyurethane, ShoreA. High quality polyurethane better absorbs the bumps, such as stones on the footpath, making for a more comfortable, safer ride. To see the difference, drop a Micro wheel and see what happens; there's no rebound like a Micro wheel.

Plastic Inserts

A small plastic insert between the aluminium tubes may not seem important, but it makes all the difference. By keeping a space between the tubes, it makes for smoother gliding in colder weather, and stops the two aluminium parts from corroding and freezing together in salty air environments.

Rubber end plugs

At the end of the handle bars, rubber plugs protect against injuries from burred edges that develop without the plugs. They also guarantee a longer life for your scooter, because when the scooter falls, it's the plug (not the metal handle bar) that hits the floor. The end plugs protect and preserve your scooter and your hands.

Quality you can ingest

The handgrips are made from non-poisonous components. This ensures no dangerous toxins are ingested in the event a child puts the handle bar in their mouth, or swallows a piece of it.

Kids scooter Mini Micro Deluxe Blue Wheels


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