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Reasons you should go electric with emicro one

John has had his emicro one for 5 months and has already racked up a hefty 700kms. He gave us the background to how he came to choose the emicro, and here are the benefits he's experienced so far:
  • Travel time is now 13 - 25 mins each way, whereas it used to take 50 m to walk, or 20 mins by cycle or 30+ mins by bus. 
  • It’s a lot more relaxing than cycling as you can avoid the dramas of bus lanes and fighting with traffic. 

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Introducing emicro one

500 watt electric motor - 12 km range - 7.5 kg light weight - 60 minute recharge time. The world's first motion controlled electric scooter. The ultimate Personal Electric Transportation Device (PETD).
Micro is excited to present the future in urban mobility - the emicro one. An amalgamation of our core concepts: Quality, Innovation, and Design.
What's so special about the innovative electrical speedster? It’s not obvious just by looking – because the motor is installed in the back wheel and the battery is hidden in the footboard of the scooter. Its light 7.5kg weight isn't the only thing that sets the emicro one apart. It's fully integrated with no visible cables or plugs. The emicro one is designed to look and feel like a regular micro scooter, but with a bit more under the hood.
Packing a compact 500w motor in its rear wheel, it can achieve speeds of up to 25km/h; covering those 'micro' distances, fast. The range of the emicro one is approximately 10–15 km, dependent on the riding style, route profile and body weight of the rider.
Motion Control is an exciting innovation in the world of electric motors. The powerful motor on the emicro one only starts when a certain speed is reached and the rider’s kick is detected. Every time you push or use a kick movement the speed of the scooter’s electric power will increase. The combination of push power and the motor allows for a more intuitive ride. The emicro one features three different ride-modes: Eco, for a leisurely pace; Standard, for the rider who likes to go a little faster; and Sport, for the commuter in a hurry.
The emicro one also features Slope Support, which ensures the engine support lasts longer on an incline, so even up hills, you're riding with ease.
The emicro one is the culmination of years of innovative design and forward thinking. Smart, environmentally friendly and portable; this is the future of micro scooters.
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Award winning emicro one

Emicro one specifications

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emicro features

emicro one reviews
"It's great fun and makes the commute bearable" - David, Google UK
"The days of mundane travels may soon be over" - T3 Magazine
"Transforming the way we travel short distances" - Techfly
Ben Wood was one of the first people to use the emicro one:
“The emicro is the perfect blend of traditional scooting together with the genius of the electric motor which gives you a boost when you need it. The best way to describe it is like scooting with the wind behind you.”
“No need to take the car anymore – I can get there faster on the emicro and I’m not exhausted when I get there”.
"Productivity up as I could squeeze in one extra meeting by reducing travel time to and from station… Adds a new dimension to urban mobility.”
“Everywhere I have taken it people have wanted to have a go and despite the premium price they all fall in love with it immediately.”

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emicro and The Hood Design Award

Good Design Awards

One of the longest standing and most prestigious design awards in the world, promoting excellence in design and innovation since 1958.
Managed by Good Design Australia, Australia’s annual Good Design Awards program recognises and rewards excellence in design, innovation and creativity at a national and international level.

the story behind the emicro one

The story behind the emicro one

The emicro one is one of the lightest, most compact electric scooters in the world.  An awe-inspiring feat of engineering that takes electric scooters from being big, bulky and noisy to streamlined, sleek and sublime. But how did it happen?
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Wim Ouboter emicro creator

Meet the inventor

"How we move around our cities and cope with the increase in traffic is something I feel impassioned about.  
We need a solution and scooters are part of this.  The emicro one takes this to the next level."
- Wim Ouboter Inventor of the Micro scooter and Micro CEO.
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