Everything you Need to Know about the Micro-lino

Microlino the innovative car by Micro

The Microlino is the first project with the "reduce to the max" vision. When designing the electric mini car, the team considered the density of cities and what is really essential. People tend to travel alone, they don't have much more than a handbag and usually struggle to find a park. Most city cars are over engineered with more space and bulk than you need. When the old ISO Rivolta from 1950s was discovered, it was the perfect concept. The old beauty was built to be an affordable car after World War II. Although it's charming looks and size were great, driving the Rivolta was clunky and noisy. The research project started to determined how to transform this car of the past into something of the future. Altering the old model from gas to electric. The reaction was great, people were awed by this little retro car. It was then decided that the Microlino needed to be developed.

ISO Rivolta 1956
microlino car 2017

The Microlino is the old Rivolta redesigned into a modern vechile while still keeping it's retro charm. It's simplist design has all you need for inner city travel. Urban drivers the average speed is 35km/hr, travelling an average 30km and with 1.2 people in the car. The Microlino has two seats, 100km range, max speed of 100km/hr, more than you need. Being only 2.4 meters long it can squeeze between parked cars with space. It has a handy front entrance to zip in and out of. There is no built in sound system but bluetooth speakers that can connect to any smartphone. And of course it's electric! The car can be charged easily at any conventional power sockets and be fully charged in a few hours.


micro scooters microlino features



eco-friendly Oubter brothers in Microlino prototype

Eco-friendly to the max

The Microlino is an electric car with no emission or fumes. It's small size requires 40% fewer parts for construction. The lighweight design means it needs far less engergy than normal electric cars. Majority of our electricity is generated from fossil fuels meaning an electric car is only sustianable if it doesn't use too much energy. Even using the Microlinio as a second car can help reduce your overall CO2 emission. It is easy to drive, gets up to speed fast and is vey quiet.

In the future, there are plans to grant license to manufacturers outside of Europe to allow production and distribution in other countries. This will help reduce CO2 emissions as a result of shorter transportation routes.

Microlino at Geneva Car Show

Smiles and more

The Microlino is great fun to drive. It's small construction makes the car very nimble to zip around cities. You'll never struggle to find a park, fitting 3 Microlinos in an average car park. Easily squeeze between cars and pop out the front entrance. The Microlinos roof can be opened to enjoy the sun and keep warm in the winter with the heater. Although it look very small, inside is still spacious with two passengers sitting side by side. It's small and charming look makes it an eyecatcher and people can't help but smile when they see it.

Microlino in Production

Microlino production

Micro has teamed up with Tazzari in the technical production of the Microlino. Over 2000 orders have been placed since February 2016. The production of the first 500 vehicles will begin in early 2018 at Tazzari facilities in Itay. This facorty has great experience in producing small and lightweight electric cars including thousands of the Tazzari Zero which have been sold over the world.

Initially available in Europe the Microlinio will then look to enter other markets soon after. In the furture they hope to license manufacturers outside of Europe to in respective conturies. This will provide more jobs in local areas, aviod high import duties and reduce CO2 emissions as a result of shorter transport routes.