Prefer Quality? We Do Too.

As parents, our priorities for our kids’ toys are universal – quality, safety, educational and fun. These were exactly the qualities we were looking for when researching scooters to purchase for our own children.

Until 2007, Micro scooters were only available in Europe, so we set out to make them available in New Zealand. Fast forward to today, and we are still wholeheartedly recommending them as the best scooter a parent can buy for their kids, and the best scooter an adult can buy for commuting, and keeping up with the kids! Indeed, Micro scooters represent the epitome of modern mobility for both the young adventurers and the young at heart.

When you purchase a scooter from Micro New Zealand, you're investing in more than just a brilliantly innovative and well designed product that you'll love.​

  • Our commitment to you and your scooter's longevity extends beyond the purchase, as all of parts of our Micro scooters are replaceable. We take pride in offering a wide range of spare parts to ensure your scooter remains safe and in excellent working condition, enabling you and your family to enjoy countless exciting journeys together.
  • When it comes to quality, reliability, and peace of mind, Micro scooters reign supreme. We stand by the unmatched durability of our scooters, exemplified by our generous 2-year manufacturer's warranty on all scooter models.
  • Our dedication to providing top-notch customer service knows no bounds, ensuring fast and reliable delivery New Zealand-wide through the trusted NZPost.

Quality Translates into Safety

Safety is our paramount concern, and that's why we take immense pride in being the original Swiss-designed scooters that sparked the Micro scooter revolution at the end of last century. While countless imitations have surfaced since then, our original Micro scooters have consistently proven to be the best due to their exceptional qualities. 

All Micro products are manufactured to the stringent European regulations for scooters, EN14619 and EN71-1.The Micro scooter has seen some changes over the years and the new models continuously improve on previous models, reassuring you that you and your child's safety is never compromised when riding a Micro scooter. Still the first name associated with kick scooters, Micro continues to be the leader in design, innovation and quality.

two girls with their pink and purple retro scooters

Why are Micro Scooters Better?

The answer lies in our unwavering dedication to adhering to the strictest European standards for scooters, our commitment to continuous improvement, and our passion for creating scooters that stand the test of time. When you choose a Micro, your not just choosing a scooter; you're selecting a trusted companion for your child's adventurous journeys and you own moments of commuting. A Micro scooter is the ultimate symbol of quality, safety, and pure enjoyment.