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The Micro Scooters Australia and New Zealand Story

Once upon a time there were two guys who had been friends since they were fifteen. They were at school together, competed at sports together, studied at university and started businesses together. Today they run Micro Scooters Australia & New Zealand.

A Lightbulb Moment

Back in 2006 one was living in London with his wife and their children. For their eldest’s third birthday they bought her a Mini Micro and were immediately impressed by the quality of the scooter, and the joy with which she took to scooting. A month later they shared a clear but cold Christmas day with friends.

“Every child there, aged from 2 to 7, had a Micro scooter. After lunch all the dads – me included – took the kids out for a ride. We might have gone a kilometre or more, far further than some of the kids could have walked without having a tantrum, but on the scooters they were happy. I guess a light went on for me then.”

Kids Scooting on a Cold Xmas Day

Every Journey Begins With A Single Step

He made contact with Wim at Micro in Switzerland. Over a series of conversations a pact of mutual respect was created, and when he returned to New Zealand in 2007 he came with an agreement from Micro Scooters that he and his old buddy could launch the brand into Australia and New Zealand.

As with the best successful start-up stories around, their first office was literally a garden shed.

Swiss Mountain Scene

Things Take Off

The other one was still working full time, but he quickly realised the fantastic potential for Micro scooters here. With two shipping containers full of kids scooters due to arrive, one in Australia and one in New Zealand, he hit the road with some samples and started building up a client base as quickly as he could. Soon Micro Scooters over took his day job, and he loved it.

In those first years he travelled back and forth across the Tasman dozens of times, forging strong relationships with retailers and laying the foundations for a sustainable and respected business.

Australia to New Zealand Flight Path

.. and Go From Strength to Strength

Years later, a lot has changed. Their head office is now in the CBD of Wellington, there are now over 10 employees, a public retail website, over 500 retailers and hundreds of thousands of happy customers.

“The greatest strength of this business is the product itself. Children are the toughest and most honest customers you'll ever have – you can't tell a three year old child to enjoy themselves. Just how much kids love Micro scooters is testament to their brilliant design. The best advertising for Micro scooters is always just someone riding one – and loving it.”

Kid on her Cruiser Kids Scooter


Micro scooters are sold in over 100 countries worldwide including: New Zealand | Switzerland | UK | USA | Netherlands | Japan

Meet the Team

Martin - General Manager

Martin, Finance Manager

As our Finance Manager, Martin leads by example by cycling to work and home most days, so working at Micro Scooters fits right into Martin's lifestyle. Martin has a professional yet relaxed style, which suits our office environment and makes him easily approachable by the team!

In his spare time you'll either catch him teeing off at the golf course or spending quality time with his family at their beach house in the Kapiti Coast.

Favourite scooter: The Classic Adult Scooter - Black

"I love the fast, smooth and stylish ride."

Natasha, All things Micro

Natasha, Operations Manager

When in doubt, ask Natasha. Although we're sure she must get sick of being the Google of Micro HQ, she never shows it. Natasha was the very first Micro employee, and over the years she has accumulated an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Micro. When common sense is called for, she's our gal.

In her spare time you'll find Natasha hiking, paddle boarding or hanging out at the beach.

Favourite scooter: The Monster Kickboard

"I'm a skater girl from way-back, so the lean-to-steer Kickboard suits me down to the ground."

Frank, Micro business development

Frank, Business Development

When he's not travelling across Australia visiting Micro stockists Frank's hard out at the gym, lying on the beach or making the most of Melbourne nightlife.

Frank's right into fitness and the outdoors so working with Micro scooters suits him down to the ground. A free spirit who loves travelling (which is lucky since he's constantly on the road), Frank wants to see as much of the world as humanly possible.

Favourite Scooter: The Speed+ Deluxe - Alaskan Blue

"The Speed+ Deluxe is super easy for me to take on a plane and get around whichever city I'm in."


Rachel, marketing coordinator

Rachel, Marketing Coordinator

Rachel manages Micro social media, email marketing and writes awesome content for our website among many other things. She loves getting out on the boat  wakeboarding and fishing in summer, and hitting the slopes on her skis in winter.

Favourite scooter: Micro Trike 360 Plus

"I love the trike, it is such a great design being a pram that can be used in so many ways! Plus the Khaki is such a nice colour. I've got my name on the store model... literally."

Anil, accounts

Anil, Accounts

Anil is our accounts expert, as well as our personal chef. Anil and his partner who is a pastry chef, are often bringing delicious goods to the office for us to try. Trust us, we have not been let down and will always be willing to sample their baking. Anil also has the Wellington record of eating 27 Tacos in one sitting, what a legend! 

Fave scooter: The Luggage Eazy - Ocean Blue

"I love to travel so the Luggage Eazy ride on really appeals to me, also who doesn't love the colour combo!"

Rohan, Customer Service

Rohan, Customer Service

Rohan was born in a small town in South Africa and raised in Wellington. He learnt to scoot before walking, so this really is his dream job. Winter is a busy season for Rohan, you'll either find him up the mountain snowboarding, or playing rugby. When he isn't indulging his inner pop star and quietly singing along to the office radio, he's resolving issues as a part of our CS team.

Fav scooter: BMW City Scooter

"I love the BMW scooter because it matches my BMW car. The curved handles make for a comfy ride and come on, who doesn't love a BMW!"

Daniel Micro Scooters Customer Service

Daniel, Customer Service

Beatles, Beatles, Beatles, Beatles, Beatles, Beatles, Beatles, Beatles, Beatles, Beatles, Beatles, Beatles, Beatles, Beatles, Records, Beatles, Beatles, Beatles, Beatles, Records, Beatles, Beatles, Beatles, Beatles, Beatles, Beatles, Beatles, Beatles, Beatles, Beatles, Records, Beatles, Beatles, Beatles, Beatles, Beatles, Beatles, Beatles, Beatles & Beatles. 

Favourite scooter: The Downtown

"It is a comfy ride and I like the front handbrake for extra safety measures." 

Meet the micro scooters team 2023

Smells Like Team Spirit 

We all put health and fitness pretty high on our lists as well as hanging out doing fun stuff as a team.

Our guys team took second place in a corporate challenge 5km run last year, and our women's team wasn't far behind. Frank was busy lying on a beach in Bali at the time so we've added him in to make the team complete.

It's important that we walk the walk as well as talk the talk, so our company culture (like the Micro brand) is all about quality, health and well-being, and fun... as well as a serious amount of hard work.

team photo for team 5km run


Micro New Zealand: Micro Mobility Ltd

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Micro scooters are sold in over 80 countries worldwide including: Australia | Switzerland | UK | USA | Netherlands | Japan