Meet the Team

We're a small, tight knit team committed to spreading Micro scooter love around New Zealand.

The first people you'll speak to will usually be Rob & Nick - who are our extraordinarily awesome Customer Service guys. If you Live Chat on site, call or email they'll be there to help you find the right scooter and answer any Micro related question you have on your mind.


Katie Customer Service at Micro Scooters


Katie, Customer Service

When Katie isn't indulging her inner pop star and quietly singing along to the office radio, she's resolving issues as a part of our CS team.

She keeps an eclectic set of interests: on any other night you'll find her dancing, watching the most recent Netflix release, winning the occasional pub quiz, or planning her next vacay.

Fav scooter: Mini Micro Deluxe Orange

"I love the Mini Micro Deluxe Orange as it's my fav colour and it's just too cute. Toddlers have so much fun riding around on it"

Daniel Micro Scooters Customer Service

Daniel, Customer Service

The Beatles, The Beatles, The Beatles, The Beatles, The Beatles, The Beatles, The Beatles, The Beatles, The Beatles, The Beatles, The Beatles, The Beatles, The Beatles, The Beatles, The Beatles, The Beatles, The Beatles, The Beatles, The Beatles, The Beatles, The Beatles, The Beatles, The Beatles, The Beatles & The Beatles. 

Favourite scooter: The Suspension 

"It's a super smooth ride, making getting from A to B - fast but fun"



Jason Brown, General Manager

Jason, General Manager

Jason manages the team with a relaxed style. Herding cats it isn't, but we know we offer him challenges that will only help him grow.

Triathalons and surfing his sports of choice and he regularly commutes to work by bike... It's a 30km commute - so we let him leave the scooter at home for that one.

Favourite scooter: The Rocket II

"I like something different, and the Rocket II with it's fat wheels is the one for me"


Natasha, All things Micro

Natasha, Operations Manager

When in doubt, ask Natasha. Although we're sure she must get sick of being the Google of Micro HQ, she never shows it. Natasha was the very first Micro employee, and over the years she has accumulated an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Micro. When common sense is called for, she's our gal.

In her spare time you'll find Natasha hiking, paddle boarding or hanging out at the beach.

Favourite scooter: The Monster Kickboard

"I'm a skater girl from way-back, so the lean-to-steer Kickboard suits me down to the ground."


Hannah, Micro Marketing Manager

Hannah, Marketing Manager

After 20 years and two kids in London, Hannah came back home to give her kids an antipodean childhood, There's nothing she likes more than hanging out with her kids, scooter racing around the park. Sadly these days they beat her more than she beats them. But it's not whether you win or lose ;)

A Micro fan since way back, Hannah loves working with a brand she believes in 100%.

Fave scooter: Flex+ Matte Black

"I love the cool, industrial look of the Flex+ Matte Black - it's a super smooth ride too."

Hannah, Social Media Manager

Hannah, Marketing Co-ordinator

Hannah manages Micro social media and writes awesome content for our website among many other things. She loves going on adventures and getting out of the city with friends and family, taking her camera with her wherever she goes.

Favourite scooter: Speed+ Mint

"It's so compact and easy for me to take on the train, plus I love the colour"


Tony, Micro Accounts

Tony, Accounts

Originally from Ireland, Tony arrived Downunder two years ago looking for a bit more excitement that what was to be had back home. He's found it here at Micro accounts, lol.

His favourite part of the job is Friday night drinks - which set him up nicely for weekends playing Gaelic Football, trail running and any other extreme physical activity he can lay his hands on.

Fave scooter: The Suspension

"The Suspension has the highest handlebar height, so it's great for tall guys like me."


Micro Scooters team before the Corporate Challenge 5km Race


We all put health and fitness pretty high on our lists as well as hanging out doing fun stuff as a team.

Our guys team took second place in a corporate challenge 5km run last year, and our women's team wasn't far behind. Frank was busy lying on a beach in Bali at the time so we've added him in to make the team complete.

It's important that we walk the walk as well as talk the talk, so our company culture (like the Micro brand) is all about quality, health and well-being, and fun... as well as a serious amount of hard work.

team photo for team 5km run