Freestyle Scooters

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    1 product

    The Micro mX freestyle range of scooters are strong, light and durable. Whether you're after a solid scooter for beginners, a tough, balanced mid-range scooter, or a lightweight beast there is a micro mX freestyle scooter for everyone. We use the latest techniques in welding, heat-treating, CNC machining and forging to help ensure your mX freestyle scooter is able to take the punishment expected of it.



    mX Trixx mX Freeride

    mX Core


    Deck (cm) 10.5x33
    10x47 10.5x49 12x35
    Metal core wheel
    Handlebar (cm) 81.5 76 76 94
    Weight (kg) 3.7 3.7 4.9 4
    Rider height (cm)
    128+ 128+ 128+ 140+