micro beginner stunt scooter ramp cyan full
Micro Ramp Kids Stunt Scooter
Micro Ramp Kids Stunt Scooter
Micro Ramp Kids Stunt Scooter
Micro Ramp Kids Stunt Scooter
Micro Ramp Kids Stunt Scooter
micro beginner stunt scooter ramp black
Micro Ramp Kids Stunt Scooter
Micro Ramp Kids Stunt Scooter
Micro Ramp Kids Stunt Scooter
Micro Ramp Kids Stunt Scooter
Micro Ramp Kids Stunt Scooter

Micro Ramp Kids Stunt Scooter


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Leighanne: My son would LOVE the Ramp scooter to RAMP up his scooter skills. The Maxi Micro is an awesome commuter, but his dare-devil risk-taking needs are not being met 🤪 Really Awesome Mega Plaything 💙💙

  • Beginner 5 - 12yrs
  • Lightweight for easy first stunts
  • Wide handlebars for greater control
  • Fixed one-piece steel bar 
  • High quality metal core PU wheels

The Ramp is the ultimate beginner stunt scooter engineered for kids wanting to start tricks at the skate park. Developed in conjunction with professional stunt riders the Ramp is lightweight and designed to give ultra-support to beginners.

The steel one-piece bar combined with the aluminium fixed deck are designed to absorb the impact of beginner stunts and tricks and built to last. Not to mention the Micro griptape ensures awesome friction to keep feet fastened to the deck.

The wide handlebars with rubber grips and bar ends work to create a secure and strong no wobble ride. Metal core wheels with ABEC 7 bearings guarantee a fast and smooth experience both in and out of the skate park.


 Age Range 5 - 12
Max Load 100kg
Weight 3.7kg
Metal core – 100mm – 82 Shore A PU
Bearings  ABEC 7 
 81.5cm High (To Deck) One piece bar in steel
Threaded – Aluminium
Deck Aluminium 10.5x33cm 

Questions and Answers

Q. How do I know if my child needs a freestyle scooter or a kick scooter?

The answer to this question is with another question. Does your child want to try stunts and tricks at the skatepark? If the answer is yes they need a freestyle scooter. This is because kids kick scooters (that fold) are not designed to take the impact of stunts. Our range of freestyle scooters are Swiss engineered not only take the impact of tricks at the skate park but make it a better ride experience too. Our freestyle range of stunt scooters all have fixed handle bars and aluminium enforced decks (which mean they do not fold) to be able to absorb the impact of tricks and stunts. These scooters tend to be a bit more robust and intentionally made with less components.

Q. Is the beginner Micro Ramp Stunt Scooter right for my child?

The beginner Micro Ramp Scooter is developed in conjunction with pro stunt riders for entry level young children wanting to start their stunt career. The lightweight frame is designed for children who want to do occasional tricks and stunts at the skatepark. Whats more, this scooter is highly versatile, so when they're not on the skate park your child can scoot to school and back.

Q. Is the Ramp freestyle scooter or mX Trixx scooter better for my child?

The Ramp scooter is designed for kids attempting their first stunts and tricks at the skatepark and an ideal ride to get from A to B. It is lightweight and easy for kids to handle and control. Whereas the mX Trixx scooter is engineered for beginner/competent kids who spend majority of the time at the skatepark perfecting their tricks and launching their skate career. Hence the mX Trixx is heavier more durable, and robustly reinforced for daily tricks.

Q. What age is the Beginner Ramp Scooter best for?

The Ramp Scooter is a first step beginner stunt scooter for kids aged 5-12 years. It is lightweight and robust and an ideal first freestyle scooter kids to try an occasional trick/stunt on. 

Q. Is the height of the handlebars adjustable?

No, the handlebar height cannot be adjusted; the beginner Micro Ramp Stunt Scooter one piece steel bar measures 81.5cm from the ground. 

Q. Can the beginner Micro Ramp Stunt Scooter be folded?

No, the beginner Micro Ramp Stunt Scooter be folded. It has a non foldable non adjustable frame in order to maintain integrity and absorb impact of tricks and stunts. However, its compact size and lightweight frame allow for stress free storage and transportation.

Q. What is the benefit of metal core wheels?

Designed in conjunction with stunt scooter professionals this beginner freestyle scooter has metal core wheels for extra strength and longevity. The 110mm metal core wheels are able to take the impact of stunts and are built to last unlike plastic core wheels.

Q. Does the Ramp Freestyle Scooter have 360 degrees range of steering motion?

Yes, all of our freestyle range turn/spin 360 degrees range of motion enabling tricks and stunts to be attempted and perfected. Plus a 360 degree range of motion guarantees easy steering and control for young kids to tweens.

Q. How safe is the beginner Micro Ramp Stunt Scooter?

Each of our superbly built scooters is repeatedly tested to meet European safety standards. Thoughtfully crafted from the best possible parts, not only are our scooters safe but they continue to glide along for several years. With a highly responsive brake and robust handle grips, a Micro Scooter is the safest pair of wheels.

Q. Will I need any replacement parts for my beginner Micro Ramp Stunt Scooter?

At Micro Scooters we promise quality and longevity, so it is unlikely that you will experience any problems. However, we do stock replacements for every part of your scooter on our website. If you have any questions about making a repair or choosing the correct part our professional, friendly customer service team are here to give advice and guidance

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