Your Guide to Micro Scooter Safety

Scooter safety is the number one priority at Micro – all our scooters are rigorously tested and have an outstanding safety record due to impeccable Swiss design, engineering and high quality materials. So, parents can rest assured that Micro Scooters are number one for the school run! Be sure to share our 10 Golden Safety Rules with the kids.

Even get your own scooter and show them how it's done! Or make it a quiz - find out what works to make the rules stick - as we know everyone learns in different ways.

  1. Be safe, be seen.
    Safety gear should always be worn, always a helmet and a bell is a great way to let people know you're coming.
  2. Stop in time, every time.
    Use your brake to slow down and then jump off to one side. This is the fastest way to stop.
  3. Remember your manners.
    Make sure you don't scoot to other people on the footpath - get off and walk past old people or little children. It can be scary for them having you scoot to close.
  4. Take your time.
    Don't scoot too fast - so that you can stop safely and easily when you need to.
  5. Step off when it's steep.
    Don't scoot down steep hills it may look like fun - but 6 weeks in a cast isn't.
  6. Look out for driveways.
    Look and listen when you come up to driveways and stop if a car is coming out.
  7. Stand back.
    Don't stand to close to a curb when you're waiting to cross - cars can come close when they're turning corners. A metre back is great.
  8. Cross like a boss.
    Take extra care when crossing a road and always walk. Don't scoot!
  9. Be alert.
    Look out for cracks or sticks and stones. You don't want to hurt your bones.
  10. Watch out for rain.
    Try not to use your scooter in the rain. If you have too walk it home.

Micro has a range of 3-wheeled and 2-wheeled scooters designed for varying abilities and skills, so every kid can scoot the school run:

The Maxi Micro Deluxe

The Maxi Micro Deluxe is designed for the ultimate in stability. It is built off of the lean to steer system turning similarly to skating/snowboarding/surfing to develop kids’ confidence whilst scooting! Surf turf to school this summer with the Maxi micro Deluxe – available with LED wheels too.

Kids on their Maxi Micro Deluxe


The Sprite scooter is our lightest most compact scooter - great for the school run. The adjustable handle bar means that the Sprite can grow with them over the years at school. Designed with a big 120mm polyurethane wheel for a smooth and safe ride to easily go over bumps in the pavement. Kids love the Sprite as its compact, easy to use and available in everyone’s favorite colour.

Connie on her awesome Sprite


The Cruiser has rolled in’ to the to the top scooters for the school run as it has big adult sized 200mm wheels, so it can go further, faster with ease. Engineered for extra control and safety – the Cruiser has wide ‘retro’ handle bars making it more stable and easy to steer. Jump on! It’s all groovy.

Boy on his Micro Cruiser Scooter

Speed+ Special Edition

The Speed+ Special Edition is a safe bet for the older more confident kid. Engineered with a larger frame, wider deck and higher handle bar height. The 145mm polyurethane front and back wheels are super smooth. It’s an awesome choice for the school run for years to come!

Boy on his Speed+ Micro Scooter

Although are scooters are engineered with safety at the fore front of their design– it’s of utmost importance that kids ride safety too!

Check out our kids helmets and accessories to keep them seen, heard and safe.