Micro Ambassador Program

Are you passionate about Micro Scooters and eager to share that enthusiasm with the world? Welcome to the Micro Scooters Ambassador Program, where advocates like you help us spread the joy of scooting to families everywhere! Before applying to our ambassador program, please read through the following information and ensure you meet our criteria. If you have any questions, please email us at marketing@microscooters.co.nz.

What is a Micro Ambassador?

Micro Ambassadors are champions of the Micro brand, dedicated to amplifying our mission through authentic engagement. As an ambassador, you become an integral part of our community, showcasing our scooters in real-life settings and sharing your experiences with others. In return for your support, we provide complimentary products to enhance your scooting adventures.

Why be a Micro Ambassador?

Joining our ambassador program comes with a host of exciting benefits:

  • Discount Codes: Enjoy exclusive discount codes for yourself, your friends, family, and followers.
  • Product Testing: Be among the first to test and keep new or featured products from Micro Scooters.
  • Content Creation: Gain access to high-quality products for generating engaging social media content.
  • Community Connection: Network with like-minded individuals in our private Facebook group, where you can share tips, stories, and insights.
  • Brand Exposure: Showcase your content to our highly-engaged customer base, expanding your personal brand's reach and influence.

We're always open to hearing your suggestions and ideas to enhance our ambassador program further!

Please note: our ambassador program is contra-based only.

    What does a Micro Ambassador do?

    We believe in flexible engagement tailored to your preferences and schedule. While we don't set specific posting quotas, we encourage active participation in our campaigns and ongoing support for the Micro brand. Here's how you can contribute:

    • Content Creation: Create and share engaging posts featuring Micro Scooters on your social media profiles. We're primarily active on Instagram but are open to other platforms as well.
    • Promotion: Share your exclusive discount codes privately through DMs, emails, or in-person interactions.
    • Content Sharing: Provide us with photos and videos for potential use in our marketing materials.
    • Engagement: Share, comment, and interact with our brand's social media content.
    • Community Involvement: Participate actively in our community, such as our private ambassadors Facebook group.
    • Advocacy: Spread the word about Micro Scooters and celebrate our mission with genuine enthusiasm.

    *A note about discount codes: To adhere to company policy, please refrain from publicly sharing discount codes. Instead, encourage interested parties to reach out to you directly for their exclusive offer.


    We work with a wide range of ambassadors and are always looking to diversify our community! Here are some general things we look for in our ambassador applicants:

    • Must be based in Australia or New Zealand
    • Must have publicly accessible social account(s) - no private profiles
    • Ideally a follower count of 1,000+ (though this is negotiable)
    • Social content is genuine, high-quality and celebrates your family's personality
    • Content is focused primarily on lifestyle, not product promotion
    • As an outdoor brand we enjoy profiles that show off outdoor lifestyle and family adventuring!
    • Aligned with our values of sustainability, quality and innovation
    • Interested in a long-term partnership over a one-off collab

    Keen? Apply here!

    If this all sounds super exciting and you meet our criteria, we want to hear from you! Click the link below to fill out the form and we'll be in touch. Please note: we get a fair number of submissions and review these on a monthly basis, so please bear with us if our response is a bit delayed - we try to respond to everyone!

    Apply here.