Sponsorship Application

Micro will sponsor local community groups, organisations, schools or events which endeavour to enrich their local community with a charity or support mission.

Micro aims to support community groups, organisations and events that share the same values, particularly in at least one of the following areas:

  • Sport and Fitness
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Road Safety & Sustainable Transport
  • Community
  • Education

Micro will not provide sponsorship support to individuals, political causes, lobby groups or religious groups if for evangelical purposes.

If you believe your initiative meets our guidelines above and you would like to apply for sponsorship, please complete and submit this application form.​

As you can imagine, we deal with a high volume of requests and are limited in the number we can accept.

All applications will be reviewed to assess suitability. Please allow 2 weeks for a response.

Please note: Compliance with the sponsorship guidelines does not guarantee a commitment to a proposal.

Micro Scooters Sponsorship Application Form