Swiss Design

For the inventor of the Micro scooter, Wim Ouboter, it was too far to walk to his favourite diner and not quite far enough to warrant getting on his bike or getting his car out of the garage.

"It was too far to walk, trams ran infrequently in the evenings and I couldn’t be bothered to fetch my bicycle from the cellar. I wanted something light and easy that would get me there, but wouldn’t be in the way once I arrived.”

The solution had to be lightweight and easy to ride. It had to fold up, so that it could be tucked out of the way when not being used. Out of "necessity" came a low cost vehicle which met these requirements, the very first scooter was made in 1997.

However, this “kiddy scooter” did not appeal to his friends who did not see his vision for urban mobility. The prototype ended up in the garage until it was picked up by the neighbours son. Kids we were very fond of the scooter and Wims wife could see the potential, encouraged him to put it into production.

This simple, mobile and easily foldable two wheel scooter exploded in the market in 2000. Being in worldwide press in was inevitable that the market flooded with cheap imitations of the kickboard and scooter.

“We learnt that, instead of simply taking copyists, it was more important to look to the future and concentrate on the righteous further development of our products. We work passionately for our Micro brand, day after day.”

Wims concentration on quality and sustainability paid off. From the small and highly motivated team that handles deliveries, to customers and dealers in 80 countries including Australia and New Zealand.

Driven by innovation, powered by passion

Today Micros broad customer base includes Preschool, Kids, Teens, Freestyle and Adult segments. The Swiss design team is continually innovating new products and developing the world of urban mobility in these segments and more. Keeping up with rapid changes in society and the increasing amount of people living in the cities. There is more demand than ever for space saving and practical mobility. Micro has introduced the Luggage scooter for the frequent flyer, the Trike the smallest and most lightweight buggy and more. Now with a new range of electric scooters including emicro one and the latest addition, the Microlino, a mini electric car soon to go into production. Micro is broadening its horizons in order to cater to the future of mobility.

Awards and achievements

We are very proud to say Micro scooters have won over 50 prestigious awards worldwide. They are a reflection of the commitment we have to innovation and quality. The selection of awards covers design, toy awards and being voted as the best by our wonderful customers.

Wim has been named one of the top 10 toy inventors in the world, alongside Ole Kirk Christiansen the founder of Lego. He was also named one of 60 personalities listed as the greatest Zurich pioneers since 1900.