Adult Kick Scooter Guide

Looking for your own adult kick scooter?

There has never been a better time to jump on the scooter revolution. Picking the perfect adult kick scooter is of the utmost importance! Whether it's main purpose is to get ahead in the commute or keep up with the kids or anything in between this video guide is for you.

Adult scooting is one of the cheapest, healthiest and most environmentally friendly forms of transport available. Short commutes to work and the shops can be made easy with the right scooter, and it's a great way of keeping with the kids.

But how do you choose the right adult kick scooter? This easy guide will run you through what to look for when choosing the right scooter for you.

Adult kick scooter checklist:

  • You'll want to find a scooter with larger wheels, as the larger the wheels, the easier the scooter is to cover large distances. Try looking for at least 145mm wheels, or even better 200mm wheels for the best ride.
  • Ensure that the foot plate on the deck is large enough to take on foot flat and another foot angled to be able to utilise the rear foot brake.
  • It's important that handlebars aren't too low for the rider. If they are too low, the chance of accidents is higher plus they can become uncomfortable and cause back problems. The handlebars should be able waist height and the rider should have a straight back while riding. 

adult riding 2 wheel kick scooter along the beach

  • The amount of ground clearance of the deck is important for comfort when scooting longer distances. The ground clearance is the distance between the deck and the pavement. If this clearance is too high your hips will be out of line, if it is too low then the scooter will scrape against the ground. To achieve a suitable balance, make sure the riders feet are as close to being even as possible, without scraping against the ground.
  • Make sure there are rails or a built out section underneath the deck. This takes the bulk of the impact and absorbs any jarring that would usually feed straight into the riders feet. 
  • It is better for the wheels to be made from a soft polyurethane rubber or a pneumatic tire, rather than a harder metal core or a plastic wheel. This will help to absorb some of the smaller bumps and stones in the pavement, as well as provide a smooth and comfortable ride. 

Stylish mum with her 2 wheel push scooter

  • Along with this, having good quality bearings will mean that the wheels don't need to be pushed as much to reach a higher speed.
  • Look for foam or rubber grips as they can absorb some of the shock that feeds into the riders wrist. 
  • A folding mechanism will mean that you can store your kick scooter easily in the car or somewhere safely on public transport. 
  • Make sure to check the weight limit for the scooter and that it is suitable for you. 
  • Some brands will carry spare parts for their adult sized scooters, so research to see if there are spare parts readily available. This means that if something were to go wrong with the scooter, you can replace the parts rather than the entire scooter.
  • Like a bicycle, scooters require maintenance and care. So ensure that the scooter you buy has quality parts and is supported by a suitable warranty period.


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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q. What is the ideal wheel size for an adult scooter?

    A. For optimal performance, a wheel size of 145mm is a good start, but 200mm wheels are ideal for achieving greater distances more easily.

    Q. How do I determine the right size for the footplate on the deck?

    A. The footplate should have enough space for comfortable foot positioning, allowing one foot to lay flat while the other is angled for effective usage of the rear brake. 

    Q. How should I adjust the handlebars for comfortable riding?

    A. The handlebars should align roughly with your waist level to promote a straight-back posture, which helps prevent any discomfort or potential back problems.

    Q. Why is the ground clearance of the deck important?

    A. A suitable ground clearance ensures that the deck doesn't scrape the ground, while also preventing any hip misalignment. A balanced clearance level enhances comfort during extended rides.

    Q. What type of material is preferable for scooter wheels?

    A. Wheels made of soft polyurethane rubber or equipped with a pneumatic tire are recommended. They facilitate shock absorption and ensure a smoother ride.

    Q. What type of handlebar grips offer the most comfort?

    A. Grips made from foam or rubber are recommended, as they can absorb some of the shock that might otherwise affect the rider's wrist.

    Q. Why might I want a folding adult kick scooter?

    A. Folding scooters are more portable and easier to store, which can be a major advantage when traveling or commuting.

    Q. Are there any benefits to choosing a scooter brand that offers spare parts?

    A. Brands offering spare parts allow you to replace individual components in case of damage, which is often more cost-effective and sustainable than replacing the entire scooter.

    Q. Is regular maintenance required for scooters?

    A. Absolutely. Just like bicycles, scooters need regular check-ups and maintenance to ensure longevity. A scooter with quality parts and an adequate warranty period will facilitate this process.