10 Ways to Create Awesome Memories

Don’t they just grow up fast! We know this more than anyone else. So let’s make these days ones to remember - we want to help you create moments that forge memories that last a lifetime. We asked a few Mum's for their favourite ways to create special awesome childhood memories and they came back with some real gems! Don’t worry, these memories don’t have to be created by an extravagant fan fare of planned out vacations that cost an arm and a leg; we have compiled a list of 10 best ways to create awesome memories that fit in to a regular day.

Stevie sharing the love with her kids

Whatever you love from cooking to riding a Harley and anything in between, share it with your kids! There’s no guarantee that they will love it at the time but in these moments you’re teaching them the importance of being an individual and finding things that they like to do. They will thank you for it. Stevie from My Tribe of Six certainly does now.

“My mum was a bit of a bad ass, she use to rid a Harley Davidson and should would turn up to my school on it, then take us for rides. That was pretty cool.”

- Stevie @mytribeofsix rides a Micro Classic Adult Scooter

Kellie exploring on her scooter

An easy way to create memories is go for an adventure or explore together. The moments that our Mums remembered were the simple adventures with their Mums at the neighbourhood parks & beaches. Nothing like a bit of fresh air! Top trick, you can even turn a quick trip to the shops in to an adventure by taking the scooters.

"I used to love visiting our beach house in the Coromandel and spending time at the beach, we did a lot of rock climbing."

- Kellie @kellie.pardoe rides a Micro White Deluxe

Your kitchen rules

Kids always remember their favourite meals that their Mum cooked and bring back home. So why not get them to help – there might be a few more dishes but the memories will be worth it. And who doesn’t love a bit of home baking they might even get to lick the bowl.

"My mother loved to cook and really knew how to make us feel special by making our favourite meals and showing us how much she loved us"

- Chelsea @momentsaday

Scoot together

Scooting around is not only fun, it puts both you and your children on an even playing flied. With both of you on two wheels a race is never too far around the corner - not to mention it’s great for a bit of fitness as well.

"Spending time outdoors together, cooking and making music. My kids are obsessed with scootering. We walk pretty much everywhere so they always like to bring their scooters. We’ve been out and about on the cycle tracks and boardwalks, it’s been a lot of fun. The best thing is seeing how happy they are to be sharing the experience with me."

- Rosie @fivelittlebird rides a Micro Classic Scooter

Ella scooting with her kids

Time is the best gift. Make one on one time or special outings a priority every now and then. It’s much needed time to laugh, catch up and reconnect.

"We scoot to school each morning. We've done this since day one, and it is such a fabulous memory I already have for myself. I know they'll have it too."

- Kate @happyellaafter rides a Micro Classic Adult Scooter

Chelsea from @momentsaday scooting

Double the fun! Join your children in their interests: they’ll be excited at the chance to share these moments with you, their smile will be worth it.

"Spending time together doing something the kids love, and having something that gives me a way to show my commitment to their interests is my favourite thing about scooting."

- Chelsea @momentaday rides a Speed +

Kids on their Micro Scooters

Scooting around is fun. With both of you on two wheels a race is never too far around the corner - not to mention it’s great for a bit of fitness as well.

"The boys absolutely love scooting so they were stoked that I could join in with them! Harvey has been scooting since age 2 the Micro Scooters make it really easy and safe for little people to learn!"

- Jacqueline @cool_dudes_nz rides a Micro Classic White Scooter

Let them teach you

Reverse the roles! Let your child teach you something they will feel empowered and excited that they get to be the teacher plus they develop skills confidence and communication.

"My sons were so excited to see me on the scooter, and my 7 year old in particular was very keen to teach me tricks! They love talking about where we can scoot."

- Chelsea @momentsaday

Kate scooting with her kids

Get your creative juices flowing. Make a poster, build a plane even decorating a flower pot – it’s always fun if it’s something that they can use or hang up in their room!

"Being a Primary Teacher, I'm always doing art and craft, puzzles and just talking to them about stuff. I love taking them out for a walk to our local shops, talking about the flowers and plants we see, answering all of their 100 billion questions."

- Kate

Stevie scooting with her kids

Mindfulness is the word of the moment, but it is for a reason. Take a step back with your children from the stresses of the day, perhaps simply from technology. Reinvigorate with any activity that clears your head.

"When I get out and scoot with the kids it makes me feel like a big kid again too. We are just having fun and I’m not worrying about all the boring grown up stuff in that moment. We really just get to let loose and enjoy life together."

- Stevie @mytribeofsix

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Kelly twins with her Mum and shares her Mum moments with us.

What are your favourite memories of spending time with your mum?

Camping and playing hide and seek

What do you think will be your kids favourite times with you?


What do you do for fun with your children?

Craft, riding bikes and scooting, cooking and Minecraft.

What adventures have you been on since getting your scooter?

Scooting to Grandma and Poppy's House

What is the best thing about scooting with Shayla?

How quick it is to get out and about.

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