Why a Scooter is the perfect Mother's Day Gift

Scooting isn't just a great kids activity, it's a Mother's Little Helper for all the right reasons ;)

1. It's a modern, stylish gift for Mum that will turn heads.

mother and daughter with their two wheel micro scooters

We're seeing more and more adults getting on scooters this year, turning heads because not only are micro scooters are such good looking pieces of modern design, but also because adults on scooters shine - there's no denying when you feel good you look good, and a scooter will give you that by the bucket load.

2. She'll get from a-b faster - giving her more time for any of the million other things she might choose to do.

adult riding her two wheel micro scooter along the beach

That 10 minutes you save on your trip lets you finish those dishes, send that email, finish that chat, pay that bill, finish painting those nails, buy that dress, schedule those next day priorities, feed that cat, post that pic on instagram, or do a 10 minute mindfulness meditation to get ready for the kids, the husband, the office.... that's our list, feel free to add a hundred ideas of your own :)

3. The kids will L.O.V.E. scooting with her (the feeling will be mutual) and she'll love keeping up with them. Being an active role model for our kids is a great way to set them up for a fit healthy adulthood.

mother and son having fun riding their scooters along the waterfront

Plus who honestly loves running behind their toddlers and kids on scooters as they zoom off in front (active wear or no active wear), shouting after them to slow down, watch out for that drive way, stop at the road. When you're on a scooter too you can be teaching them all the appropriate road and scooter safety rules as you go. Easy!

They'll model you and think being active is just the way it is - which will in turn make them healthy, fit adults without even thinking about it.

Micro Mum Ansa says:

"My eldest loves that I have a scooter. I hear her asking her friends, "does your mummy have a scooter? My mummy has one. It's not a kid's scooter, it's a mummy scooter!" I think she's pretty chuffed that it's something we can do together."

Micro Mum Dianne says:

"The girls absolutely love how I scoot with them and love going to different places and just letting loose!"

Micro Mum Sarah says:

"At first they couldn't get over the fact that I could actually scoot, let alone beat them in races. They love the fact that we can all scoot together as a family. "

4. She'll get fit and feel great - scooting burns 300cal per hour (more than cycling).

adult and toddler riding their micro scooters along the beach

We love this one. The key here is integrating fitness our the daily routine, so it doesn't take away any more valuable time, and before you know it you're noticing you're feeling that bit fitter, that bit better, that bit more toned.

5. It's easy, fun and a perfect way to de-stress...

mother and son at the skatepark on their adult 2 wheel scooters

A little de-stress a few times a day - and the sky is the limit. Whenever things get a bit tense, grab your scooters and take a ten minute scoot to the park, to the shop, around the block and it'll lighten everything up. Scooting home from work helps you leave work behind. Scooting home from the school run is a great time to chat through the kids day - somehow chatting on the move makes it easier for them to let it all out.

Scooting takes no time at all to master - we're not talking rollerskating or skateboarding here, it easy peasy and fun - in that release your inner child kinda way.