Which 2 Wheel Micro Scooter?

Scooting to school is one of the most popular ways to travel, kids love it and it's a great way to start the day with a burst of energy. We have a range of two wheel scooters which are suitable for kids and teens to use.

All of our two wheelers are foldable (except our freestyle range) and compact for easy transporting and storage. It’s important they’re using a safe, comfortable and durable scooter that will last years.

This guide is here to help you understand the differences between our two wheelers and understand what you need to look for when purchasing a two wheel scooter for the school run.

mX Trixx starting stunts specs

The mX Trixx is the ultimate entry level stunt scooter. Metal core wheels, a flex brake and tough aluminium deck enable safe stunts with confidence. The mX Trixxis versatile and well balanced for the skate park or even the school run. Both the handle bar and deck are fixed to with stand impact during stunts.

• For ages from 5 - 12
• Metal core wheels
• Aluminium fixed deck
• Max load 100kg
• Fixed handle bar heights
• Available in blue & black

Kids Cruiser 2 wheeler scooter specs

The Cruiser is the only kids scooter with big ‘adult sized’ 200mm wheels allowing kids to go further on smoother ride whilst the wide handle bars and the low foot plate add extra stability and control. Like other aluminium Micro Scooters the Cruiser can easily fold with adjustable handlebar for storage and longevity.

• For ages 5 – 12 years
• Large 200mm wheels
• Scooter weighs 4.5kg
• Handle bar height 60 - 88cm
• Retro shaped handle bars
• Available in blue, pink & red

Lightest 2-wheeler the Micro Sprite

The Sprite is a great first two wheel scooter for school kids. It’s lightweight design and smaller size makes it easy for them to carry and manoeuvre. It has a larger wheel on the front to be able to smoothly travel over small stones and bumps in the pavement. The handle bar adjusts for a comfortable ride as they grow.

• Suitable for ages 5 – adult
• Wheel size 120mm/100mm
• Scooter weight 2.7kgs
• Max Load 100kg
• Handle bar height 63-93 cm
• Range of colours & patterns

The Tween Speed+ Specs

The Speed+ model is the largest and great for older kids and teens. With the biggest wheels and built in shock absorbing system it makes the Speed+ a faster and smoother ride. Like the Rocket, the Speed+ also has a wider deck. Due to its size we recommend this scooter from at least 7 years.

• Suitable for 7 – adult
• Large 145mm wheels
• Scooter weight 4.2kg
• Max load 100kg
• Handle bar height 66-98cm
• Comes in sliver, gun metal, black and mint

Our large range of kick scooters have been designed to suit different riders and journeys. Here's a quick guide to show the different features and specifications of our two wheel scooters.

If you're looking for something compact, fast, smooth or lightweight, take a read of their different attributes to find the right scooter for you.

Things to think about when choosing your scooter:

  • Where you'll be using your scooter?
  • What surface will you be scooting on?
  • Will you need to carry it parts of your journey?
  • Do you need to take on public transport or in the car?


Adults on their Scooters

Micro Scooter Wheel Size

Wheel Size

The larger the wheels the faster you'll travel. Having larger wheels also requires less effort to get up to speed meaning you cover more ground quickly.

Weight of Scooter

Weight of Scooter

The lighter the scooter the easier to carry. If parts of your journey involves carrying the scooter or taking on to public transport or storing it make sure you consider the weight of the scooter.

Micro Scooter Decks


Our two wheel scooter decks are made from different materials. The fibreglass decks have a spring to them making them better for absorbing bumps in the pavement.

Foldable Scooter


Most of our scooters are foldable letting you store and travel with them easily. Take your scooter on public transport or away on vacation folding them down with a click of a button.

Quick 2 Wheel Scooter Guide