Why a scooter is the best Christmas present

Get the family scooting this Christmas! Here's why...

Family together on their Micro Scooters

1. A Micro Scooter is a gift that gets family active and outdoors

If your family likes to try new things, go on adventures and lead a healthy lifestyle, scooters are perfect! Scooting is a great way to squeeze in a workout and enjoy the ride to your destination.

2. Our scooters can be taken with you anywhere, easily stored and carried

They’re a fantastic way to do the school run, commute to work and get from A-B quick. Their lightweight design and folding function makes travelling super easy.

3. Scooting is a sustainable, green way to travel

Kids love to use a scooter and it’s becoming increasingly popular modern way for adults to travel. A great way to reduces your carbon footprint and get some fresh air.

4. Long lasting present that won’t just last till next Christmas but years to come!

You can't get bored with a scooter. Adults and kids can enjoy them everyday without fail. The Swiss design and quality materials ensures they last distance and just in case you've got a 2 year warranty.

5. A fun activity that the whole family will enjoy

Travel in style and have loads of fun along the way. Why get in the car when you can be zooming along with the wind in your hair and finally keeping up with the kids.

Shop our scooter range for the whole family now :)

Micro scooter Christmas present for preschoolers, school kids and adults