5 Reasons to Scoot the School Run

The sun is out, school is starting and what better way to enjoy the two than scooting the school run. It’s the perfect way to make the school run fun, active and healthy for your preschoolers, children and teens. Not to mention squeezing in a bit family time and waking everyone up ready to start the day. Get Mum, Dad and the kids on scooters! It may have even been said that a morning scoot works just as well as coffee for parents – but we will let you try that one.

We asked our Micro Scooter Ambassadors why they scoot to school with their preschoolers and kids and here’s what they had to say:

1. Morning Fun. ✔️

“We scoot to school because it’s exciting and fun and gets him pumped up. It also means I don’t have to wrestle the toddler in and out of the car. And its exercise all round” - Emily

2. Exercise for everyone. ✔️

“It will be a fabulous way to get the kids to burn off some energy on the way to school, and also great for me to get some much needed early morning exercise too!!!” - Claire

Parents scooting the scoot run

3. Super Fast. ✔️

“I love getting the kids to scoot to school for the simple fact that it's so much faster. My kids are extremely slow lol” – Michelle

4. Better than coffee. ✔️

“It helps wake their little brains up (and mine) ready for learning” - Nikki

Micro Ambsasadors Scooting the School Run

5. Reduce your carbon foot print. ✔️

'Good for fun, your wallet and the world.' - Hannah

So there you have it, scoot the school run with Micro and your mornings will be a little less stressful and undoubtedly more fun and active for both you and the kids, you can’t go wrong!

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Our photos are taken by our wonderful ambassadors on the school run. We always recommend that you wear a helmet for safety first!