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Awards Icon AWARD WINNING SWISS DESIGN     Free Delivery Icon 2 YEAR WARRANTY    Free Delivery Icon FREE DELIVERY OVER $50    Price Promise Icon ​PRICE PROMISE

Awards Icon SWISS DESIGN   Free Delivery Icon FREE DELIVERY OVER $50
Free Delivery Icon 2 YEAR WARRANTY   Price Promise Icon ​PRICE PROMISE

Scooter Spare Parts & Maintenance

Scooters, just like bikes and cars, need to be looked after to keep them safe, working well, and on the road for longer. The good news is that Micro scooters are easy to maintain, with relatively few moving parts and all parts are replaceable. And since our parts are screwed together, as opposed to fused it makes them easy to replace.

For help doing common repairs head to our repairs page here. We also have handy instructional videos for performing repairs on the Mini Micro. To help prevent unwanted breakages and injuries, keep your scooter in good working order. Our Scooter Maintenance page tells you how to keep your scooter in tip top shape.

To find the correct replacement parts for your scooter, select it below:

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