How to set up and adjust the Micro Downtown Scooter handbrake

The Micro Downtown Scooter is the only scooter in the adult range that has a front handbrake giving you more control and safety. If you are having difficulty setting up your Downtown handbrake or need assistance on loosening or tightening the brake, you've come to the right place!

How to set up the T-bar

You will need: A 5mm Allen Key and a craft knife or scissors

1. When installing the T-bar after unboxing the scooter, be sure not to twist the T-bar around too many times as this will cause tension to build up in the handbrake wire and make the brake engage.

how to set up the tbar for the downtown adult scooter

2. Cut the zip tie that connects the T-bar to the T-tube with scissors or a knife.

cut the zip tie

3. Remove the handlebar cap by unscrewing the four cap bolts using a 5mm Allen Key.

remove the handlebar cap by unscrewing the bolts

4. Place the T-bar in the ribbed slot on the top of the T-tube. The T-bar will also have another ribbed section so you can line the handles up with the T-tube.

place the t bar into the ribbed slot on top of the tube

5. Place the T-bar cap on top of the handles and use a 5mm Allen Key to tighten the four bolts evenly to lock the T-bar into place. Do one full turn per bolt going clockwise and repeat for even tightness around the cap.

secure the t bar cap by screwing the four bolts back in evenly

How to adjust the handbrake screw


No tools required

1. Loosen the silver screw on the left hand side of the handbrake.

How to adjust the handbrake screw 1

2. Once this screw is loosened to the appropriate tension, spin the back of the nut to lock the bolt into place. 

how to adjust the handbrake screw 2


How to adjust the cable tension 


You will need: A small Phillips head screwdriver, a 5mm Allen Key, fine nose pliers

1. Remove the front mudguard by using a small Phillips head screwdriver to remove the two screws at the front of the mudguard.

how to adjust the cable tension

2. Once the front mudguard has been removed, slightly loosen the bolt using the 5mm Allen Key.

how to adjust the cable tension 2

3. Now use the fine nose pliers to pull the wire around the bolt to tighten the cable.

how to adjust the cable tension 3

4. Once the cable has been pulled around the bolt and the cable is tight, tighten the bolt back in place while keeping the tension on the cable with the fine nose pliers.

how to adjust the cable tension 4

5. Once the bolt is back in place and tight, spin the front wheel and use the handbrake to make sure that the cable tension is correct.

how to adjust the cable tension 5

6. Put the mudguard back into place and use the small phillips head screwdriver to screw the two bolts back into place to fasten the mudguard to the fork.

how to adjust the cable tension