Adult Scooters are the answer for your commute

We'd all rather be somewhere else when sitting in traffic, confined on the bus or being charged for an expensive taxi.

Scooting parts of your journey makes the most of your commute, speeding up short trips, giving you a workout, saving time and money, helping the environment and ultimately leaving you feeling great.

Father and son on their scooters by the beach

Why you should scoot your commute:

Spending money on petrol, parking, taxis and transport fares can add up to a headache. Save money and have fun scooting parts of your journey. Once you've got a scooter your trips are free! You'll miss the traffic, avoid nasty parking fines and choose the route you want. Use those extra dollars on something you really need or on yourself.. we won't tell.


You can take your Micro scooter with you anywhere. They're compact, accessible and light weight. Don't sweat struggling with a bike on public transport or worry about it being left outside.

A quick press of a button and Micro Scooters fold up nice and compact. It can easily sit with you on the bus or train and stored in the overheads. Take it into work keeping it safely tucked under your desk and ready dash out of the office when you need. If you think carrying it might be an issue, we've got you covered with carry bags and straps.

“The scooters are good for going out on during lunch and going to external meetings as you don’t need to spend time finding somewhere to lock it up on arrival, as you would with a bike, you can just take it in with you.” - Wellington City Council

Get fit while having fun 

Change your commute into a fun workout on the go giving you a burst of activity to start the day. Scooting burns 300 calories an hour, more than cycling. It helps tones and strengthen muscles without the hassle of getting to the hot stuffy gym. Including exercise in your day will keep you active and boost your brain function to stay focused on the job.

"The best thing about my scooter on my journey to work is everyday it brings a burst of energy and gets your blood pumping before you get to the office" - Aaron

Do more in less time 

Speed up those quick trips and save time scooting to meetings and appointments. Our adult scooters have large wheels making them fast and great for covering longer distances. It beats walking, taking the average person 6 minutes to scoot a 20 minute walk. Why not make the most of your lunch break, going further and exploring new places.

"My Micro gets me to work from the train station and back again cutting my commute time in half... It's also a fun, healthy and efficient way to get around town for meetings or appointments" - Sarah F

Eco-friendly ♻

We can easily do small things to be sustainable and help reduce our impact on the environment. Scooting is a clean, green and friendly form of transport perfect for quick trips and short commutes. Leave the car at home for a bigger group or a rainy day when you really need it. Little things we do that are environmentally friendly add up, so why not include scooting in your daily routine.

woman riding her adult scooter along the beach

Have you considered reducing your offices carbon foot print, saving time walking to meetings, saving money on taxis and letting staff refresh and de-stress? A scooter fleet for your office could be the perfect solution. Kiwi Bank, Weta Workshop, Wellington City Council and Xero are loving their scooter fleets keeping their staff healthy and happy.

“Saving on those taxi rides is a really positive outcome that’s been derived from the scooters – both in savings and in the environmental impact.” - KiwiBank

Scooting is not only a a practical solution to speed up your walking time, add a workout in your day, save money and time but its enjoyable! We've got a scooter to suit all commutes. If your cruising on smooth surfaces our White and Black are great for a quick commute. If your commute is on the bumpy side our flexible decks will make your ride smooth with the and Flex+. If your wanting something smaller to fold up and carry the Speed+ is nice and compact.

To take a look at the whole Micro adult scooter range and find the perfect one for your commute here.