New 'must-have' accessories for kids

Accessories are the best way for kids to personalise their scooters. They can also be a great way to keep kids super safe. And they make a fantastic gift idea for kids who already have a Micro scooter.

The new must-have accessory is a Micro scooter basket, a cute retro style 'bike' basket that attaches to the front of the handlebars with velcro straps.

new micro scooter cute basket accessory Too Cute

Little girls will adore the new Micro scooter baskets to hold their treasures while they scoot. Available in pink and purple with matching flower included.

Fun noise makers

Make some NOISE!

These little noisemakers have 4 fun sounds that kids will find hilarious and keep them safe by letting others know they're coming! Made from flexible silicone and can attach to any scooter or bike. Available in fire engine red and bright blue.

Micro Scooter light accessory

Safety first, night riders!

The new Micro lights for kids come in a range of bright colours with three light settings; constant, flash and rapid flash. Made from flexible silicone and easy to attach to any scooter.

Micro scooter accessories are made with fun and safety in mind. They are solutions to important everyday problems such as; "How can I carry my dolls when I ride my scooter and still be able to see them.", "A bell just doesn't make the level of noise I'm trying to achieve and it's just not funny enough", "When I ride my scooter at night I need headlights"*

*none of these are questions we've actually been asked. But they sound good.