The perfect Father's Day gift for Dad

We know finding the perfect gift for Dad is a challenge, but don't worry Micro has got you covered this year.

What could be better than getting Dad to share in his sidekicks scooting adventures, instead of running after them? An adult scooter is a great gift for the family man to get in on the action with the kids. And once Dad's got one he can use it for his commute to work too... Take a read why a scooter will be the best gift yet.

Dad unwrapping the best Fathers Day gift ever - Micro Classic adult 2 wheel scooter

Why Should You Get Dad A Micro Scooter For Father's Day?

1. The kids will love it

They'll love Dad keeping up on his own set of wheels and joining in the fun. Make it the new weekend activity that everyone in the family will enjoy. Being outdoors doing something healthy is a great way to spend quality time with the kids. 

"The best about being a scooting dad is when I scoot with my son. It’s even better when we double ride (Luca on board with me). We snake up and down the driveway and pretend that we’re surfing." - Micro Dad Matthew

2. Save time travelling fast

Scooting is a efficient way to get from A-B quick, alone or as a family. Zip to the shops and cruise along the water front. Take the scooters in the car or on public transport to use on parts of your journey and you'll cut your walking time in half.

"It means I don’t have to park close to destinations or use expensive parking, I can actually park a little further away and grab the scooter out and ride it to wherever I am heading, with ease." - Micro Dad Cameron

3. Improve the commute

Commutes can be stressful and expensive. An adult scooter will let Dad speed up walking time, getting him quickly to and from meetings and getting him further on his lunch break. It's easy to use, quick to fold, lightweight to carry and take into meetings or stow under his desk.

"The scooter is great for the jobs that are just too far to walk to but not worth getting the car or bike out for. Grabbing the scooter is just so quick and easy" - Micro Dad Kingsley

4. Stay fit and feeling great

Using a scooter on your journey will give you a workout on the go. Scooting burns more calories than cycling, increases aerobic fitness plus upper and lower body strength. Get active with the kids and feel great doing a fun activity.

"Sometimes I get a ‘look’ from adults as I pass by while scooting. Yes I am a forty something year old on a scooter and yes I am having as much fun as it looks." - Micro Dad Kingsley

5. Keep hold of your change

Once you've got your scooter getting around is free! Cutting back on parking, public transport, fuel and taxis. Plus it's great for the environment, win, win!

Find the right scooter for your Dad:

Neochrome Classic Adult Scooter for Dad for Father's Day

Trendy Dad - Suspension Scooter

This smooth and fast scooter paired with it's flash Neochrome finish make this scooter both trendy and desirable for Dads alike. Perfect for Dads who want that latest gadget and travelling in urban areas.


Navigator adult retro scooter for dad for father's day

Explorer Dad - Micro Navigator Scooter

The Micro Navigator scooter is great for retro Dads who are collectors and like to get out with the kids and explore. The high-quality leatherette handles, the integrated compass on the handlebar and the wide deck with wooden design give the scooter its unique nostalgic look.


Classic black scooter for dad for father's day

Speedster Dad - Micro Black Scooter

The Micro black is quick with large 200mm wheels and low footplate. Dad can travel with ease and get places fast on the Black.

 speed+ scooter for dad for father's day

Casual Dad - Micro Speed+ Scooter

The Micro Speed+ 2 Wheel Scooter is great for the Dad wanting to get out with the kids on the weekend. The high tech shock absorbing hubs and higher quality polyurethane wheels creates a smooth and fast ride that Dads will enjoy. A great set of wheels for chasing after the kids.


Micro Downtown commuting scooter for dad for Father's day

Commuter Dad - Micro Downtown Scooter

The Micro Downtown scooter is designed for urban transport and to scoot the commute, making this the ultimate scooter for a hard-working Dad. It features a kick-to-fold mechanism, stands on it's own and a wide low foot deck, making the Downtown scooter an ergonomic and comfortable ride.


Still unsure on which scooter is best for Dad? Check out our Adult Scooter Guide for more information.