Christmas with the Blair Family

The Blair Family pose in matching Christmas outfits with their Micro Scooters


Embrace the festive spirit with a peek into the joyous holiday traditions of the Blair Family! Based in Auckland, we sat down with Tasha, a passionate Micro Scooters ambassador, to unveil the magic woven into their holiday season. From the unique tradition of savoring lamb chops for breakfast to the whimsical antics of Frisbee the Elf, the Blair Family shares heartwarming moments that define their Christmas celebrations.


Micro: Merry Christmas, Tasha! Want to start off by telling us about your family?

Tasha: Our names are Marée, Tasha, Macée and Willow. We’re based in Auckland. We all love getting outside and exploring our surroundings. The girls love scooting, swimming, gymnastics and athletics.

Micro: Christmas is right around the corner (😱)! What do the holidays mean to the Blair Family?

Tasha: At Christmas time we love spending time together as a family, enjoying good food and playing lots of games. We love seeing the kids surprised faces when they’re opening their presents and the magic of Santa through their eyes.

The Blair Family pose with Santa Claus

Micro: What will you be doing for Christmas this year?

Tasha: We will opening our presents in the morning at home and have lamb chops for breakfast (family tradition). We will then head to the girls Nanma and Poppa’s house for lunch and a scooter trip down to the beach.

"We love seeing the kids surprised faces when they’re opening their presents and the magic of Santa through their eyes."


Micro: Lamb chops for breakfast?! How did that become a tradition?

Tasha: It happened that one year that everyone was over chocolate for breakfast on Christmas morning and all that was available to cook that was savory was lamb chops, grilled with butter and garlic. Delicious. Needless to say this tradition has been passed down a few generations.

Frisbee the Elf is a new family tradition. He gets up to all sorts of different antics every day.

A Christmas book advent calendar, it started with library books. But every year we’ve added to our collection so now we need less library books. We put our Christmas books away with the Christmas decorations so it’s like getting a new book every day til Christmas.

"Get outside, get moving, get scooting. Listen to some music, have a dance party."


Micro: That's gorgeous! What about getting outdoors? Does the family get out and about during the holidays?

Tasha: We love heading out to the beach, it’s a quick scooter ride on our Micro Scooters. We love playing lawn games at the beach too.

Micro: What Micro Scooters do you have?

Tasha: We love our Mini Micro Deluxe 3 Wheel Scooter, Micro Sprite Kids Scooter, Micro Downtown Adult Scooter and helmets. Definitely recommend them as Christmas presents because they are such great quality scooters, they look fantastic and super fun.

Micro: What's on Macée and Willow's wishlists this year?

Tasha: Monkey Bars, a bike, a new Micro Scooter helmet, LED wheels for the Sprite scooter.

Micro: Do you have any secret holiday hacks that help make the holidays run a bit more smoothly for your family?

Tasha: Get outside, get moving, get scooting. Listen to some music, have a dance party.

Micro: Any final tips or advice for other young families to help bring some extra special Christmas joy to their holidays this year?

Tasha: Start a new family tradition! It doesn’t have to be one that costs lots of money. Could be library books, could be a family activity every day till Christmas.

Micro: Where can we can find you online?

Tasha: We're @blair_family_album on Instagram