Perfect Scooter for Father's Day

Make Dad a little more super this Father's Day. What could be better than getting him to share in his sidekicks scooting adventures, instead of running after them? A gift for Father's Day and beyond! We’ve got the ultimate Father’s Day gift for Dad, no stress, no mess. Not to mention that their toddlers and kids will love it as well.

Dad can keep up with ease without having to run after them and even join the race or adventure! To make things even easier, all you have to do is answer this question to find the perfect scooter to make Dad a little more super…What is Dad’s Superpower?

What Scooter Should You Get Your Dad This Father's Day?

⚡ Is he Super Strong?

A Dad all of all trades, activities and missions. He’s got his fingers in many pies; running around after the kids, coaching the team, flying to work and always finding time for family and friends. All without a trace of a yawn.

No matter the man, the Micro Black can match Dad’s strength. It can with stand a busy lifestyle and enable him fly that much higher and faster, with large 200mm wheels and an aluminium fixed deck.

Super Strong Micro Classic Black

⚡ Is he Super Smooth?

No terrain is too much for this Dad, whatever the weather, rain, shine, wind an explore is always on the horizon. Often mistaken for Bear Grylls (or so he claims) he turns any outing into an intrepid adventure. Going that much further or faster.

We have the ultimate ‘adventure – mobile’ for his active life. With large wheels and front and back suspension the Micro Suspension can smoothly tackle any mission whether that’s destroying the evil aliens with his side kick or flying to work. This is the scooter that beats them all!

Super Smooth Suspension Scooter

⚡ Is he Super Powered?

He saves the day, he saves the world. Not even a plane or bird can fly faster than him when it comes to working for the greater good.The best for the best this Father’s Day. Why drive, when he can fly towards justice every day on the electric emicro Condor.

The emicro Condor makes keeping up and scooting with the kids a breeze. With 4 different rider program; safe pedestrian, green eco, speedy sport, and motion control (kick scooter) – he’ll go electric for Father’s day and beyond.

Super Powered  electric scooter

Super powered emicro electric scooter

You can’t go wrong choosing the ultimate two-wheeler for Dad. At the end of the day kids will love scooting with their Dad as much as their Dad will love scooting with them. A win win! Celebrate this Father’s Day by making it one that celebrates the dynamic duo and makes every day a little more super! The power is yours.

If you want a bit more information on what scooter to get your dad this Father’s Day, check out our comprehensive adult scooter buying guide to find the perfect scooter to fit all of his needs.

A big thanks to our Father's Day Campaign illustrator @art_frankie for super-ifying our Micro Dads.