User Review - the emicro one electric scooter

The journey that lead me to the emicro one started on my way to work. It’s a bit of a hike on foot, and every day I saw a couple of guys on Micro scooters scoot past me and disappear into the distance, leaving me thinking "I need one of those!" Determined to get there as fast and fresh as possible I decided to go for an electric scooter.

I did my research before deciding on the emicro one, looking at several options, reading reviews and watching videos on various Personal Electric Transportation Devices (PEDTs). There were a number of reasons and a lot of thought behind my choice...

john on his electric scooter emicro one

Why I chose emicro, the ultimate Personal Electric Transportation Device


The 2 year warranty (1 year battery/2 year scooter warranty) gave me confidence that it would be reliable and last the distance, as did the fact that parts would be available if needed. Most other electric scooters only had 12 month warranty, which made me a bit concerned. When you’re spending that kind of money and using it every day you want to know that you'll be looked after.

Local support

I like being able to deal with suppliers locally, so if I have a problem it would be easier to sort out, rather than having to pay to ship the emicro one somewhere for servicing and assessment.

Great reviews

The web reviews I saw were very encouraging, so I knew that it was a "good, well thought out product". It had also been tested extensively in Europe before release in NZ, so was likely that any "1st Gen. problems" had been ironed out before it was introduced here.


I liked that it was lighter to carry than other competing electric scooters - not that I carry it much!


The price meant I could recover the purchase cost in travel savings within 2 years (48 weeks of bus travel say, 5 days a week @ $5.65 per day), while reducing the time spent commuting as well.

No sweat

I decided to go for an electric scooter to help avoid arriving at work all hot and sweaty, which used to happen whenever walking or biking during the spring/summer/autumn…


I also liked the fact that it charged in around an hour, which made it much more versatile if using for multiple trips in a day.

So how's it going?

It’s great! I actually look forward to commuting now, and finding different ways of getting to & from work (I go different routes, depending on the time of day, to avoid traffic, pedestrians, school hours etc).

  • Travel time is now 13 - 25 mins each way, whereas it used to take 50 mins to walk, or 20 mins by cycle or 30+ mins by bus.
  • It’s a lot more relaxing than cycling as you can avoid the dramas of bus lanes and fighting traffic.
  • It’s cheap to run at 4 cents per charge, and the range is fine for around town.
  • I arrive at work unstressed, whereas if I cycled, I was always a bit tense when I got there.
  • It’s perfect on a nice day, though it can be quite invigorating battling through a strong Northerly on the way to work too!
  • It's really good fun to ride, which is a bonus.
  • Generally, I cover around 60 kms a week on it, and have done 700 kms + since I purchased it 5 months ago!
  • It’s a great, hassle-free way to get around the CBD.
  • The motion control thing is very cool, and the fact the power stays on when you’re on a slope is great. I can get to the top of the Terrace and down the other side without much too much effort….
  • When I get to work, I just fold it up and slide it under my desk and plug the charger in. It’s ready to go again an hour later.
  • What's the reaction on the street?
  • Many people ask me about it and I'm always happy to talk enthusiastically with anyone about my emicro one! They’re normally quite surprised at how quiet it is and the speed in which I get about. Lots of people do a bit of a double-take when I whiz by, as they’re not initially aware that it’s electric until I’m past them.
  • There are a number of very helpful YouTube videos that actually helped me make up my mind to buy the emicro one. Like anything, it takes a little while to work out how to use it most effectively, but once you do it’s fantastic.

John purchased an emicro one 5 months ago and has already racked up 700kms.