Be the Fun One

Make this Mother's Day memorable by giving Mum (or yourself) a fun gift.

A lot of the time as Mums we don't come under the 'Fun' category. Some of our best memories is the fun we have as a family. With a scooter for Mother's Day it will let you be the fun one more often. Scoot the school run, short outings, holiday adventures or go for a scenic ride on the weekend.

A scooter is a gift just for her too. A great way to get fit, feel great, de-stress and zip around. The perfect ride use on your journey to work, out to appointments or lunch dates. The fun and practical way to travel from A-B, not to mention it's great for the environment and lets you leave the car behind... bonus!

Top Micro Scooter Picks for Mum

Micro Speed+ Deluxe Neon RoseThe Micro Speed+ Deluxe is designed for the ultimate positive impact on your commute or kids adventures. With our new colour range, there is something to please every mum, including Neon Pink, Alaskan Blue and Clay.

Micro Speed+ Deluxe Adult Scooter Neon Rose

Micro Classic Adult Scooter White
 - the sleek and stylish design of the Micro White is very popular with Mums. The low foot plate and large wheels lets you get further with less effort.

Micro Classic Adult 2 wheel scooter

Micro Downtown Scooter
 - this bold scooter is a brilliant ride for Mums. The wide one piece handle bar and wide deck create a super comfortable and super smooth ride over short or long distances. With the added safety feature of the hand brake - the Downtown is a one of its kind - safe, fast and easy to maneuver whether to town or keeping up with the kids.

Micro Downtown Scooter

Micro BMW City Scooter - Buy mum a BMW for Mother's Day! Developed by Micro in collaboration with BMW, the new BMW City Scooter is designed with uncompromising quality and technical innovation. Original curved handlebars, unique to BMW, are easily adjusted to the optimum height to suit every rider.

Micro BMW City Scooter

Micro Speed 2 Wheel Scooter Mint - The Micro Speed is a sleek, sophisticated and fast 2 wheel scooter. Perfect for mums who want a comfortable, compact commute and for kids who want that extra go-fast. This quality design simply means it glides safely and smoothly - it doesn't trip on the bumps, absorbing them, creating a smooth and fast ride that can be enjoyed by all.

Micro Speed 2 Wheel Scooter


We have something for every Mum, view our full range of adult scooters here