Imagine the chrome as my children roam...

Don't forget to put a helmet on your kids when they go out to scoot over the holidays. Micro's scooter helmets come in a range of bright colours and gorgeous patterns.

Micro Scooters Community

We received this fantastic poem (no less) about the Chrome helmet. So great we had to share it:

imagine the chrome
as my children roam
down the street
they'd feel so neat
scooting away
throughout the day
having fun
by everyone
The chrome oh boy
what a shiny little toy
They'll have such a blast
scooting so fast
People shout
as they scoot about
where did you get
that delightful helmet
"Micro" they'd reply
and then ask why
they don't already know
that Micro's the go
I have two kids
who need to protect their lids
safety's considered best
style comes next
Yet looking at what
Micro's got
the chrome helmet meets
both critera neat!
So Micro pick me
to receive a helmet
to add to our Micro set

Thanks Samantha!
Check out our range of helmets here.