Scooter Dress Up

Scooter Dress up: Fun Fancy dress scooter makeover

Use your imagination and dress up with your scooter. Here's some ideas to get you going....

  • Be a pirate with your scooter as a ship
  • Dressing up as knight with your scooter as a horse
  • You could be batman with your scooter as a batmobile
  • How about cinderella with your scooter as a carriage
  • Once you've decided who you are, get dressed up and have fun role playing!

Give your scooter a makeover

Decorate your kids scooters with your friends. You can use crepe paper, tassles, ribbons, spider webs, flowers - anything goes. Once everyones finished set up a catwalk, play some music and scoot your stuff down the runway showing off your new stylish scooter.

Creative Scooting

Use your scooters to make a large picture outside. Make sure you choose a nice calm day for the paint to dry and keep you things from blowing away.

What you need:

  • Newspaper to cover the ground and hold it down with some rocks or pot plants
  • Large sheets of plain paper
  • Paints in your favourite colours
  • Large lids - could be from margarine or ice cream
  • Some old rags

Lay down a couple of layers of newspaper. Pour your paint onto your container lids and fill the actual containers with water. Dip your wheels in the paint and go scooting over the paper. Test out doing different effects and mixing colours. Have a couple turns on newspaper to practise before you use your white paper. Once you feel confident get going and don't forget to wash your wheels between changing colours.

If you want to add some more effects add some hand and foot prints to your masterpiece.