Wacky Races

Before you start any races, safety first!

  • Always remember to wear a helmet and elbow and knee pads if you have them.
  • Find a flat, safe and scooter friendly surface to do your race.
  • Good places are local parks, gardens or the school playground.
  • Always make sure the coast is clear and there are no hidden obstacles before you start your race.
  • Keep an eye out for one another and make sure everyone has a good amount of space.

Kids having fun racing each other on their scooters

Reverse Race

Choose a short distance and scoot backwards against each other. This race can help improve your balance. Once you've had a few goes you can try make the distance longer.

Legs Race

Choose a distance to scoot. Scoot there using one leg then turn around and scoot back using the other leg. You might find it harder using one leg compared to the other, but the more you practise the better you'll get.

Scoot and Weave

Set up a course using filled drink bottles or spare cans from the kitchen. Set up points in a straight line a couple metres apart. Zig zag through the bottles/cans, turn around and make your way back. This will help you learn to maneuver your scooter and improve your skills. Once your confident you can place the bottles/cans in different places and put them close together to practice tighter turns. If you want to see whose the fastest get mum or dad to time you.

Join in

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