Scooting burns 300cal per hour

So, naturally we were chuffed that the micro Speed+ in Mint was featured in Women's Health January Issue.

Micro Scooters featured in Australian Woman's Health

Scooting burns 300 calories an hour - equivalent to 1lb a week weight loss, or a couple of lattes a day. That's nearly double walking (149 cal), and more than cycling (270 cal).

We reckon the best way to make a lasting change and make being fit and healthy a permanent part of life is to incorporate fitness into our daily routine. The easier, quicker and more fun it is the more likely we'll be to turn it into a lifelong habit. It takes time to see changes in our fitness and shape, and we often give up before we get there because we make it too time consuming or expensive or just no fun.

Making changes to activities we already do rather than trying to fit more in is a fail-safe way to make it work. Instead of walking or driving the kids to school try scooting. Same with the work commute; scoot to the train or scoot instead of the bus and boom! that's your get fit/stay fit New Year's resolution kept - for good.