How to find the Mini2Go Deluxe Plus Light (and make it work)

Please note: The light inside the storage compartment of the Mini2Go Deluxe Plus Ride On Scooter has been removed in order to comply with changes to Coin & Button Battery Regulations.


  1. Remove the storage drawer. You'll now be able to see the light on the underside of the seat.

    how to find the light on the Mini2Go Deluxe Plus

  2. Push the light in and turn to the side and it will pop out of the casing.

    Mini2Go light removed from it's hiding place

  3. Take the silicone/rubber strap that came in the box with your Mini2Go and put it over the back of the light, hooking it on the 2 little hooks to secure.

    Rubber silicone strap and cover for the light
    attach the rubber end to the light

  4. Attach the light to the Mini2Go T-Bar with the silicon/rubber end facing the t-bar and wrap the rubber straps around the tbar and hook to the little hooks on the light.

    Attach the light to the Mini2Go tbar

  5. Once attached press the white button on the front of the light to turn it on. 💡

    Light attached to the Mini2Go Tbar