Mini Micro Repair Videos

If you need help fitting the spare parts you've ordered to your Mini Micro we have put together a collection of videos to help guide you through the process of repairing your scooter. All these tips and techniques also apply to the Maxi Micro.

If none of these videos apply to your scooter, we have helpful tips on how to repair scooters on our repairs page. If you're still struggling with these repairs contact us or if you're in the Wellington pop into our HQ and our friendly staff will help you out.

Changing a Mini or Maxi front wheel? Here's the trick.

Removing the handlebars

  1. Press and hold plastic red button on the underside of the scooter
  2. Pull the handle bars out

When putting the handlebars back in, make sure the red button has popped back out locking the handlebars in place.

Removing the deck

  1. Remove the T-Bar from the base using the push button located in between the 2 front wheels underneath the scooter.
  2. Using a Phillips screwdriver, undo the 8 black screws on the underside of the foot-plate.
  3. Lift off the deck.
  4. Place the new deck on the base, you may need to put a little pressure on the deck to help push it into place.
  5. Tighten all 8 screws.

Replacing the Brake

  1. Remove the deck as described above.
  2. Remove the 2 screws holding on the brake.
  3. Lift off the old brake then replace it with the new one.
  4. Replace the brake screws.
  5. Replace the coloured deck and do up the 8 screws.

Replacing the rear wheel

Follow above instructions to remove handle bar, deck and brake.

Loctite securing the rear wheel is pretty strong on the Mini Micro, for obvious reasons.

If you're having trouble removing the axle, you might have to drill it out and replace it with a new one. It should only take about 10mins to do the whole job.

  1. Rest the scooter on its side, and the back wheel on a step.
  2. Use a 19/64 drill (14mm) bit to drill the round head off the bolt.
  3. You'll need to replace it with a 42mm axle (part 1138).

Replacing the Wheel Bearings

  1. Remove the wheel
  2. Pull the old bearings out of the wheel using the short end of the Allen Key as a lever and remove any included spacers
  3. Wipe clean the centre of the wheel to remove any remaining grit
  4. Push one of the new bearings into centre of the wheel (this may require a few gentle taps with a hammer on some wheels)
  5. Turn the wheel over, insert spacer (if necessary) and push new bearing into place
  6. Replace the wheel

Replacing the B-Bend Spring

  1. Remove screws holding springs in place
  2. Remove the spacer
  3. Replace broken or damaged springs
  4. Reattach spacer and tighten screws

How to change Mini/Maxi Clamp

Complete Mini Micro Repair Video

Instructions of all mini micro repairs including:

  1. Removing the handle bar
  2. Removing the deck
  3. Replacing the brake
  4. Replacing the back wheel
  5. Replacing the wheel bearings
  6. Replacing the b-bend spring